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Thread: Making your HTC phone as a modem

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    Making your HTC phone as a modem

    Guys I have got some great ways so as to make this HTC phone such that it behaves like a modem when connected with the laptops, or notebooks or even a PC. You can use this one if you really think of making use of internet from your phone onto your device. This will help you to browse web pages, send and receive emails and can even chat with your friends anywhere and at anytime the way you would want.

    For this you will have to Download and install HTC Sync 3.0. You will even have to have a Data Connection feature switched on which might have been configured from the operator which you are making use of. Now for making this one thing enable you will have to follow the following steps.

    • First from the Home screen, select MENU and then go to Settings click on Wireless & networks and then Mobile networks. Once you go there you will have to check the box next to "Data Connection".
    • Now you will have to connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable and carry out the synchronization.
    • Now from the PC interface, select "Internet sharing" option and click on the Done button.

    I hope that this information will surely help those who would like to get the HTC phone to behave like the modem and can help you in accessing the internet from any place at any time.

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    Re: Making your HTC phone as a modem

    Hey dude thank you very much for the information about making the HTC mobile to work as a modem for you in order to use the internet connection connecting it with the laptop or any device that we would want. I was thinking of the same for quite a while now about the same and now that you have already provided us with the solution I have also made use of it and easily got to make the phone to use as a modem .So thank you very much and I request you to provide more kind of a tips and tweaks for many more device.

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