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Thread: Tips and Hints on Petville

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    Tips and Hints on Petville

    Petville is a game where you play online with your virtual pet 100% customizable. Petville a successful browser game from the creators of Farmville is a free online game where the player animal has one and is therefore care needs to, for example one wash, feed, animal play with and much more. At the start of the game and after the creation of a character can the player to create an animal. Once that is done come some tutorials to explain the game to a more accurate and make the operation more closely.

    Those who have already been familiar with Petville and want more cheats or tips can have recourse to Him in the game an advantage. In Petville, you will be rewarded for your ability to have the greatest friends around your house. Visit an animal from a neighbor, you will earn the love (love) in this game is the equivalent of what the experience in other games Zynga is L Xp, so you can increase the personality your virtual little beast. Of course you can visit your friends as many times a day as you want but only the first visit daily will entitle you to the corners and xp (silver). Also if you have over 100 friends there is no problem you can get your money daily from your friends even before they saw your pet .

    Remember to send gifts to your friends, free gifts allow you to have full super item that cost really expensive so free, so you may receive in return. To find friends I recommend the following solutions:
    • Go to the page and make friend requests to the fan page.
    • Or go to the left menu of the home page of facebook click games then watch that plays petville, they are probably ready to become your friends in this great game.
    • You will gain the most xp and corners by the missions and actions as short as planting flowers and feed your pet with small time intervals. If I take the example with XP and corners is much more profitable to feed your pet with 2 meals 2 hours than 1 meal of 4 h. The same goes for the flowers or any actions that you can do in this game.
    • Once I say that, you can do whatever you want but it's not so fun to watch your pet eat for several hours. The best thing is to play according to your schedule when you are on FB. For example, before going to work or running, you can make a meal from 8 am to your pet (I assume that you're not on Facebook at work ^ ^) then you can when you go give it a meal 4 h and then restart a longer meal. In the same sense if you know you'll be busy all day tomorrow, it is better to 1/2/3 day "culture." Gradually, as you pass levels you'll have access to different meals, giving you more time for yourself or other games facebook.
    • Will boost your XP when you make the fart chalenge in town, Facebook In this game, there is a competition every week to pass the challenge you will earn XP faster. IF you try this challenge you find in the menu (and there are all the icons and you'll have to click on an orange circle with a blue star on the inside.

    Eary More Money
    • Make sure your pet is clean
    • Add more 'friends and play with their pets receive more' love is' coins
    • Clean the animals of the nearby
    • Wash the pets of neighbors
    • Put the flowers in vases
    • Buy clothing, furniture and other objects in PetVille

    How to increase energy

    It is updated every 24 hours, and now 'the only way to increase energy.

    Pet Cash and Coins have been added inside the box PetVille Mystery Gift! Now each time you send a Mystery Gifts to your friends, they will receive a Pet Cash only for having opened the package. Reading the forum PetVille discover that "a few new items were added to the mystery gifts. In addition to those already 'we added the ability to receive a gift or valuable Coins Pet Cash.

    Until now our ComeFaccioPet won 3 Pet Cash opening the Mystery Gift Box, but we have not noticed any pop ups or message out that we warned of the win! We realize that only by the number of Pet Cash that goes on the indicator: so do not expect any notice, just keep an eye on your cash and hope to increase!

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    Re: Tips and Hints on Petville

    In petville, your virtual pet is 100% customizable whatever its form or its clothing, its habitat or anything that may appear in this game the more you interact with your pet and make changes over the game but enriched functionality know that the money you earn is mainly allocated to clothing and accessories The first step is for you is to wash it clean. Once you've completed this first little work, you'll be able to choose neighbors by inviting Facebook friends, and enrich the wardrobe of your pet. A shop offers to move up a gear in terms of interior decoration of your little house, and offers a multitude of items to purchase to make your pet the star of the neighborhood. With graphics just as cute and cared for, this game is sure to please the younger fans and game breeding line.

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    Re: Tips and Hints on Petville

    Here is a how you can get 2,000 coins in Petville. For this you will need Cheat Engine 5.5 and the Adobe Flash Player 10. Open Petville and run the cheat engine. In your browser select the engine. Then head to pop in Petville Bubble. Create some bubbles. Scan with the value of the bubbles created and create bubbles. Scan for the total of bubbles and repeat back the bubble thing. Double-click the result and send it down. There is a new Address below the Cheat Engine 5.5, we give you double click the Value. Change the Value to 30, and then click Freeze in the Address box. Activate the Speedhack by the box Enable Speedhack, change the value of Speed to 15 and click Apply. Complete all levels up to 100.

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