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Thread: How to Convert music and videos to executables files (exe files)

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    How to Convert music and videos to executables files (exe files)

    Here's a good trick to overcome all the problems of compatibility and Codecs when sending a music file or video to any of your friend. Software "Audio/Video To Exe" of F2KO turns any media file into a program or executable file. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to have a proper player or even install the appropriate codecs to successfully play these media files on your PC ... It is just AMAZING!

    Audio/Video To Exe converts audio and video files that you specify in the executable program! Your friends now no longer have to worry about installing codecs or a player to replay the audio / video file that you send to them. They just have to simply double-click on it like any program to open the video file. The file contains the mini-player, codecs and media files.

    The program comes in two versions:

    - A free version that performs a simple conversion of the media file to "Exe" file.
    - A paid version that offers advanced features to compact reparameterization sampling rates, etc..

    To download the free version of Audio/Video To Exe, follow this link.

    The program is compatible with the vast majority of media formats and in particular with:
    - Audio formats: mp3, wma, ogg, ra, aac, wav, flac, etc.
    - Video format: flv, wmv, vob, mp4, mpg, etc.

    The installation program is somewhat unique. Launch the downloaded file, the program asks you to choose between English and German. Click English and specify the location where you want to install it. The software will then create a new executable program on your desktop.

    Then simply double-click on this new program to launch.

    Take one or more media files from Windows Explorer and drag and drop them on the window of the software.

    Then go to the menu Converter and select Pack to Exe. The software will produce an executable file format.

    To play one of these files, simply double-click on the version "EXE". Enjoy.

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    Re: How to Convert music and videos to executables files (exe files)

    There is another software based on a simple concept called MakeInstantPlayer that can convert video into an executable file containing the video and the reader need to read it. The utility does not seem obvious, but imagine the following scenario: you want to send video to a close relative, but you do not know if they will have the necessary codecs to play it. You could recommend to download a player compatible with many formats as VLC media player, but why not send video directly readable? MakeInstantPlayer is based on the free video player MPlayer (also found in SMPlayer). Some additional options are also provided in this software so you can force the full screen, looping, or termination of the executable player at the end of the video. For proprietary formats such as WMV, you can also include the codecs in the executable file. However the key is there and the video is readable with a simple double click.

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