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Old 29-01-2011
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Tips on Google Analytics

Due to free and because of its many features, Google Analytics is increasingly used. One of the most important things in the Web analysis, it is to have a reasonable data base. Only if the data is processed so that you can work with them, you are also able to derive appropriate actions and make improvements. The users will quickly lose the motivation to analyze and use the Web at some point no longer the tool. The web is complex and complicated. First read the thing you must avoid.
  • Things to Avoid
  • Exclude your own traffic : To avoid disturbing your statistics with your own navigation on your site.
  • List the questions asked by visitors
  • Reduce errors related to direct traffic : Too often, some visits are erroneously attributed to direct traffic.
  • Tracking Long Tail : to analyze the long tail (SEO or PPC)
  • Tracking of a directory or a subdomain : to study in detail a section of a (large) site
  • Tracking Google Maps : With the increasing visibility of universal search, it becomes important to correctly measure the traffic coming from Google Maps and universal search.
  • Tracking positioning in the SERP : Google Analytics allows (in some cases, since they changed the format of the URL SERP ) to recover the position of your site in the Google results page on which users have clicked.
  • Tracking of Twitter : To measure the traffic from your tweets.
  • Positioning analysis : displays directly in your Google Analytics report, beside each keyword provider of SEO traffic, the position of your page in Google results.
  • Tracking Google Sidewiki : used to identify traffic from Google Wiki Side
    The guide Custom Variables : custom variables offer many opportunities for segmenting your visitors, in addition to tracking event

When your site is dropped from the Google index and the index does not show more for its main keywords. When your IP is blocked, and you some time you can not use the search engine Google. Both cases are highly undesirable. The first is applicable to your site when it does not satisfy the requirements of the Google webmaster guidelines . The second is used in relation to your IP-address, if you produce a dangerous amount of queries to Google at the same time. Fortunately, you can easily avoid both types of ban by following tips :

1. Make your site accessible. Get a reliable hosting. If Googlebot can not access your Web site, the site may fall out of the index.

2. Provide unique and relevant content. Fill the site with fresh unique content, relevant topic of your site and interesting to visitors. Write content for people, not for search

engines. If you are publishing duplicate content on your site, Google can remove it from the index.

3. Do not use spamming techniques to promote your own site. Never use doorway pages, hidden text, automatically generated keyword pages, cloaking or any other spam

technology. Remember, we all use Google for search.

4. Be careful with references. Not every external link - good. Be attentive to what sites link to you. Do not participate in linkexchange. No need to spam the forums, guest books or comments about your links! Outbound links are important too. Pay close attention to the sites you put links. Do not put links to sites that use spam technology because it can lead to what your site is banned.

5. Make your website accessible for indexing. Provide spider path can index all pages. Create a site map if you use Javascript, flash links, duplicate them. Check for broken links on the site and errors in the html-code with the validator .

6. Avoid domain with a bad history. Do not use the domains that were previously blacklisted.

Avoid IP Ban

7. Do not use unauthorized programs to verify the position of the site. Google limits the use of programs that send automated queries. In fact, to be 100% sure that your IP is not banned - do not check the status of sites in general.

8. Use the Google API. If you really need to check the position of your site in Google, try to use programs and tools that can work with Google WebAPI . GoogleAPI - this is the only legal way to work automated queries to Google.

9. Limit the number of searches. If the accuracy of the results issued by Google App to meet your needs, and use an ordinary search for you too expensive, try to limit the number of requests to some reasonable numbers. If you check the status of sites, no need to check the first 1000 results, limit the first 30-50. This will give you an adequate picture of your current situation, and will not create heavy loads for Google.

10. Use Google for its intended purpose. Use Google to search only and your IP will never banned.
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Old 29-01-2011
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Re: Tips on Google Analytics

It is well to say that web analytics is a fascinating subject and one of the key technologies to a successful website. The above information is really helpful. I want to add more there by putting up experience in the same. For better analyzing you must know the targeted website well. This is the first step. You will realize the goals what you are looking for. Only then is it even possible to run successful web analytics. If you have no goal in mind, you can improve anything. There are many different types of objectives. The easiest way is to e-commerce sites, where it's always about the sale of goods or services.
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Old 29-01-2011
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Re: Tips on Google Analytics

There is no need to worry about the tools selection. The key to success lies not in the selection of the most appropriate tool. There are great software already provided on the internet for seo. You can try tons of tools to optimize your website and gain benefit out of it. Some of them are WebTrends, IndexTools and Google Analytics. The packages provide different things, but they have one thing in common. They all provide your site stats based on their processing. Do not just spend on a costly tool which you will never use.
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Old 29-01-2011
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Re: Tips on Google Analytics

If you have a big site then it is better recommended to go for a nice and full fledged seo tool. I have seen some times that many advance tools are used and were paged reports were generated. But no matter how the numbers looked even, it has not changed. To be successful in web analytics, you should follow up the figures and action. What happens if the conversion rate decreases or if the traffic from Google falls. It is better if you can on the basis of the report define goals and achieve after some interval of time. Try to use KPIs. KPIs are different in periods of time and money to show relationships, trends and percentage changes for the previous period.
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