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Old 14-01-2011
Join Date: May 2009
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Recommended Tips for beginner on Linux

I have started this thread to unleash the TOP Tricks that can help any newbie to go rushing hand on Linux operating system. First issue that should be resolved is to choose which linux operating system to install for getting started with it. When you enter from scratch, there are really only two alternatives: SuSE or Mandrake. And who does not want to spend the same money, the only remains Mandrake. So here you have to ever get it right. To install: Open "D" You can not install Linux, it knows that is no drive letter. If you delete the partition and leaves free, should the Mandrake setup grab this non-partitioned space and divide it so as it sees fit. Various tips for optimal partitioning you'll first be left out - if it should be seriously anyway you install at least one new
You should also let the boot manager to write to disk - then Linux will only start when the disk is inside. The boot sector on C remains intact and without the disk starts Windows normally.

Please guys, Let this thread go on for helping all the Linux Newbies.
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Old 14-01-2011
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Re: Recommended Tips for beginner on Linux

Here are some tips to make the best use for Linux. Because Linux is a complex operating systems, you should know how to use it optimally.

Find Files / display on the KDE - Desktop
  • Less ~ / Desktop / filename.txt: find saved files back to the KDE desktop;
  • Less ~ username / Desktop / index.txt: refers to the desktop of another user's shared files.

Mount points and partitions call
  • Mount-L label name of the mount points ": mount a partition.

KDE keyboard commands : Here the key commands to use the KDE:
  • Alt-F2 opens a command line;
  • Alt-F3 opens the window menu;
  • Alt-F4 closes the open window, respectively;
  • Alt + Tab: Move forward to the next window;
  • Alt + Shift: scroll backward to the previous window;
  • Ctrl-F1 through F8: Jumping from one virtual desktop to another;
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Old 14-01-2011
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 176
Re: Recommended Tips for beginner on Linux

Small help from me as well.

Examine the configuration file for errors
  • Tcpdchk: examines the syntax of the configuration file for bad paths and invalid hostname;
  • Tcpdchk-v: are all errors combined.

Protect files reliably
  • Chattr: allows the superuser to change the attributes of the files;
  • Chattr + i the file name: if the name / removes the protection;
  • Lsattr: displays the attributes of the file;

Command CTRL + ALT + DEL : This key combination is also available in Linux and it leads to a reboot.

Pack and unpack of archives
  • Unrar e <archive name>: an archive unpacks into the current directory;
  • Unzip <archive name>-d / <directory>: an archive extracted to the specified directory;
  • Zip / <path> / <archive name> zip: unpacked the archive in the current directory;
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Old 14-01-2011
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 598
Re: Recommended Tips for beginner on Linux

Install and use daily a GNU / Linux is not so difficult as some would be heard. Simply knowing how to act properly, like any task. With versions for the general public as Mandriva, Suse or Ubuntu Linux is accessible to anyone, even beginners. However, whatever the operating system, it is necessary to devote some time to familiarize themselves with this new system (which, incidentally, is true for any thing with Windows it also took some time to apprehend). Indeed, with Linux, it starts at zero, we must relearn to use his computer because almost everything is different: the organization of files, the naming of devices, software installation ... etc.. So if you think it can be operational from the first boot Linux or if you do not spend enough time to take control of Linux, so its use may be extremely difficult.

Do not go to Linux if you have no time advantage to spend!
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Old 15-01-2011
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 179
Re: Recommended Tips for beginner on Linux

Unlike Windows, Linux it is possible to install software from the "deposits" ftp. In fact, most distributions have a software manager: we talk package. This manager will connect to FTP servers that contain hundreds of packages. The default setting of a manager pointing to the official repositories of the relevant distribution packages that include updating the system (Internet browser, video playback, audio, office ...). However, these deposits do not contain all the software available for Linux. To do this, configure the manager of distribution. The best way to configure its distribution is to obtain information on the website of the Francophone community in the distribution:
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