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Thread: Comparing best Data recovery softwares

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    Comparing best Data recovery softwares

    The computer unexpectedly crashes or power cuts off, hard drive data losses all the data? USB disk inadvertently removed any vital documents? Computer infections, the file is lost or scribbled? System crashes frequently, it is imperative files are missing? With a computer is resembling the above are mainly scared of the unexpected shattering failure ensuing in important data loss, misuse, computer virus attacks and software and hardware failures and other natural disasters are intimidating the security of data files, so how to safeguard the security of computer data integrity become increasingly concerned about the topic.

    Here I advise you to utilize the following data recover software:

    1. DiskGetor Data Recovery : DiskGetor Data Recovery is a powerful hard drive data recovery software will help solve the problems of data security. It can recover deleted, lost, damaged or formatted data from hard disk or partition. Even if you write new data to the hard disk or partition, DiskGetor Data Recovery yet to find its directory tree from the hard disk. Recover data from formatted, lost, damaged hard drive or partition, Ghost disk. Restoring files (Word, Excel, PPT, Office document -, video zip, files, etc photo) from the hard drive, FAT / NTFS partition, USB - cards etc external drive. DiskGetor Data Recovery can recover partition table if it was damaged or recovery of lost data from computer errors, support USB and other Recovery Disk Recovery.

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    Re: Comparing best Data recovery softwares

    2. DT Utilities Digital Rescue Premium : DT Utilities Digital Rescue Premium too brings to the table individual with a widespread search potential I have ever seen, It lets you find out vanished files by not only name, but also by extension. And if you email more and more in your life then this software takes the cake by letting you to effortlessly locate and recuperate emails that are deleted in advance from your Outlook or Outlook Express program.

    3. Recover My Files : Recover My Files is a software for restoring documents created by using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher and Visio. It is capable of searching documents that has been deleted because of a malfunction of the computer, accidental deletion, even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied or even after formatting the disk. And even if the document has never been saved! While having a feature rich advanced mode, it remains easy to use and requires no special technical skill. This software is compatible with all the types of Windows file systems which includes FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Recover My Files is worth a try. You'll be amazed at the number of documents hidden on your disk without your knowledge. The flanged version does not save the documents recovered from unallocated disk space.

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    Re: Comparing best Data recovery softwares

    4. ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery Software to recover lost data accidentally. This loss can come from mishandling, a suppresion accidental, a SHOOTING software, a virus infection or another again and no longer stays in the Trash. It can not only restore the files or folders on your local disk, but also those in your removable media like USB sticks. It can detect and restore damaged partitions FAT32 or NTFS, RAID rebuild dismantled, and Day? Create disk images with data recovery, change the raw sectors on a disk, change the clusters of files, and more. Moreover, it can also extract the contents of deleted files before recovery.

    5. Handy Recovery : It is an easy to use software to recover files accidentally lost, they are on your hard drives or on floppies. The program can recover files damaged by viruses, power failure, a software problem but also recover files deleted by mistake and put in the trash or even lying on partitions formatted. I guess I should share my own experience. I flinch and reinstall the system ... Only here, the two logical partitions on my hard disk is formatted! Farewell my documents: all my personal files in smoke! On the internet, I stumbled upon Handy Recovery. The partition with my data was recovered almost in its entirety! What joy, what joy! What's great is that not only the evaluation version has found recoverable files (ie almost everyone), but the recorded version then all recovered! Note that I'm not used to the pub for software or for anything else, and that the pub on untimely internet annoys me, for cons, if I come across unknown software that I I found extremely useful, I like to share my experience with others. PS I explained nothing about how the software works, because I think there is nothing to explain.

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