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Thread: Creating Your Own Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

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    Creating Your Own Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

    In some cases you may need to create a WiFi access point so that your computer or mobile WiFi can use a single Internet connection.

    You're such hotel or office where a single Ethernet connection is available. To share the connection with other people or other computers, just turn your laptop connected to the Internet through the Ethernet jack in WiFi hotspot.

    The free software lets you Connectify will simply make this operation, totally secure. Anyone (with encryption information) can then connect wirelessly to your computer acting as a gateway and thus to the Internet.

    Note that Connectify also allows you to share your WiFi with others, even if you're already using the wireless connection for Internet access.

    Connectify 7 requires Windows to operate. It must be installed on your laptop. On computers that wish to connect to the access point, regardless of their system: Windows XP, Vista, Linux, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, etc..

    Download and install Connectify:

    Connectify is free software you can download from the repository PC Tips. Connectify will allow you to turn your computer on Windows 7 in WiFi access point.
    • Download Connectify from here.
    • Select a folder to save Connectify in Downloads for example, and click Save.
    • Once the download is complete, click Run.
    • In the wizard that opens, click the button I agree.
    • Click the Next button and then click Finish.

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    Re: Creating Your Own Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

    Configure the wireless access point:

    Get ready to create your wireless access point, improve the security of your mini wireless network, etc..
    • Connectify is then executed and placed in the taskbar. Click on the icon to configure the access point.

    • WiFi in the field Name, enter the name (SSID) of the hotspot that you create.

    • Choose a complex password. Those wishing to use your access point must seize it. Click the View button to see the password you are typing.

    • Scroll down and select Internet network connection that you currently use to connect to the Internet and want to share via the WiFi network.

    • Then click the Start button hotspot.

    • The access point has now started and active.

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    Re: Creating Your Own Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

    Creating Connection:

    You'll now be able to connect to WiFi hotspots from other computers or mobile phones (WiFi) and use the shared Internet connection by Connectify.
    • On another computer, click the Wireless Network of the taskbar.

    • The list of wireless networks within range is displayed. In this line, the hotspot that you just created is now.

    • Click it and click the Connect button.

    • Then enter the password which protects your access point and you've defined previously. Click OK.

    • You are connected to the computer acting as a WiFi hotspot and thus to the Internet.

    • On the computer where you installed Connectify, you are notified each time someone connects to the hotspot. Click the icon to view Connectify the list of connected users.

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