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Thread: Graphic card temperature solution

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    Graphic card temperature solution

    How do I read the graphics cards temperature?

    The graphics card temperature can really see, first of all get by downloading the latest driver. For most drivers these days one can see the perfect temperature, with others we can only indirectly. However, they should first of all seek to do this to be regulated under the driver. If your driver can not read temperatures, so the temperature is of course still read through rather cumbersome other methods. One could, for example, an external temperature measuring devices for electronic purchase, which I recommend but not necessarily. Other devices do this too ...

    How I cool my graphics card correctly from?

    There are a variety of ways to reduce the graphics card temperature. In this post I've listed the most simple and effective methods simultaneously:
    • The case open - Probably the easiest and fastest way also to a short time a relatively rapid drop in temperature to bring about.
    • Use an alternative ventilation system - Fans Will the graphics card's own only very scanty, it is also recommended, in addition to fan the open PC case to make an example, the fresh, cool air blowing from outside into the housing. In the long run, however, no solution.
    • Number of rotations of the fan increase - in many cases the best way: Many video drivers is the possibility given to the cooler to manually increase the performance. One drawback: It is extremely loud when the cooler is too high.
    • Buy a new radiator - If nothing of these techniques should help, last port of call, a new, more powerful cooler be the one with a better performance under the still and silent graphics card cool. I would not use this method, for example, but I would rather save the money and then buy a new graphics card to go straight with a good ventilation system.
    These were the four best techniques to cool a graphics card quickly and specifically.

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    Re: Graphic card temperature solution

    From when it gets too hot?

    A frequently asked question. When a graphics card is so hot that they could carry off a serious injury? Well, many people make much too much thought. Some cry even at around at speeds of over 70C, their graphics card would go straight into the air or the like. According to producers, most graphics cards still run at 80 is still good and are (almost) still in the green area. Ernst is my opinion only when temperatures reached over 100 degrees and the heat is noticeable to the user.

    In some cases it may even happen that the graphics card burnt smell very strongly - in this case, you should be very careful. Or the graphics card starts to sound ridiculous to give of themselves. Here, too, should begin to slowly serious thought. If in doubt, it should always best to ask a professional in the area, who know each other better in the matter.

    Video card is too hot?

    If a user the video card is too hot, it is immediately panic. In this case, some users do not know what to withstand load your video card can actually. Can withstand a current graphics card from ATI, for example, temperatures above 100C, namely to place the top with loose. So do not immediately get a panic attack just because the graphics card such as when a computer games play very heated, it is for the conditions of the graphics card is still quite alright.

    Serious thought should make it only if the good piece begins to make funny noises, or worry about defective pixels wide on the screen.
    Even a slightly blurred image can be an indication that the video card is starting to become hot. Therefore, all users should have an eye is cast on the temperature of the graphics card because it is a valuable and expensive component in a computer that is not easy to replace!

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    Re: Graphics card cooling

    Graphics card cooling

    "My graphics card is too hot!", A title, as they are on so many sites, especially forums, finds. A graphics card heats up relatively easily. Especially if you really want to play the latest games with heavy graphics requirements. Then you can get graphics cards, also quite quickly once temperatures of 80 degrees or higher. This situation can create one through different methods. One of the simplest methods is, however, is to simply buy a new, good graphics card cooler, and fan that provides the necessary power to the giant components cool. On the other hand, can the existing graphics card fan very easily customize the manual adjustment of the existing ventilation system. This is usually done directly through a few mouse clicks. So if you quickly want to have cool air in its PC case, which should deal with the purchase of a new, better graphics card fan, or directly to an entirely new ventilation system for the housing.

    Video card temperature

    With the graphics card temperature is not to be trifled with. There are many, many people who have tried to solve her little problem independently, and are heat was hard on the nose. It all starts here on that first small pixels make mistakes apparent on the screen or the image will simply blurred. Then you should at least ring the alarm bells: For making such a picture is noticeable, it means that the graphics card is on the edge of their abilities and has extreme temperatures reach up to 100.

    What to do next is to unscrew the side panel of the chassis and to blow in cool air with a fan or even turn off the PC. Does a video card several times gone through such a spectacle, it is not unusual for later, more serious damage may remain, if not a defect. So get the start to the graphics card temperature is monitored by, especially if you made the graphics-heavy games to play current, then the hardware even more challenging than usual.

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