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Thread: Qosmio Toshiba - Installing Drivers for Windows 7

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    Qosmio Toshiba - Installing Drivers for Windows 7

    Description :
    If your notebook is a Qosmio x300 / X305 toshiba, here is a little history on how to find the right drivers and make the transition from Vista without spending hours . Toshiba is behind the development of drivers for Windows 7. What a pity so either wait until they come out wisely, or you can try a little trick but I assure you, nothing complicated! So two days ago I switched to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Both the installs went perfectly smoothly, both in terms of drivers, is a bit more complex. Audio drivers for example: The driver installed by seven wanting is absolutely not one available in Windows Vista. The sound is feeble, and especially the subwoofer stops working or wrong. I tried installing the realtek drivers for Windows Seven but nothing, the sound was even worse than before and still no sign of audio maxx (the little extra that makes the sound is overkill and n ' is available via Toshiba). Do not try to find the drivers on the Toshiba site, they are not, after a quick phone call to Toshiba, I was politely announced a delay of at least 10 days prior to Online.

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    Re: Qosmio Toshiba - Installing Drivers for Windows 7

    So here's how to solve the problem:
    Our friends across the Atlantic have the same range of PC, except that the range model is called Qosmio X305, material that is substantially the same, ditto for the software suite. You just have to start to download a small tool named by Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7. This little program will undertake to repatriate you can install the most recent drivers and software for your computer.

    This utility installs not everything you need on the same page, get yourself what you are missing: the DVD player, the facial recognition software and more ..........

    Update August 2010: the files are no longer hosted, but you can still use the software installed if needed
    - Toshiba Software Installer v1.0 for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    - Realtek ALC272 HD Audio Driver v6.0.1.5904 for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    - Dolby Control Center v2.2.1 for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    - nVidia Display Driver v186.42 for Windows 7 (64bit)
    - HDMI Control Manager for Windows 7 64 bit
    - Jmicron Card Reader v1.00.29.02 for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
    - Toshiba Remote Control Manager v2.5.0.0 for Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit)
    - CD / DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer v3.01.05 for Windows 7 (64bit)
    - Toshiba Value Added Package for Windows 7 v1.2.26_64 (64bit)

    Thanks to Toshiba software, I recovered the functioning of all my touch keys, infrared, bluetooth, graphics card with its output hd etc. Normally everything should be good! Unless like me you have tried the latest official driver from Realtek and there, bad luck, driver Toshiba does not update over here is the solution:

    Installing the driver for the sound with audio maxx :
    If like me you have installed the latest driver from the realtek site, toshiba driver will not install because older and hello maxx audio sound. With Vista, it was possible to configure the sound with the audio module maxx:

    It is always possible with Windows Seven. To do all this quietly, download the Windows Vista driver on this link, unzip the archive somewhere on your computer. Do not run the setup above. Go rather to the Control Panel to display the properties of your sound card in device manager. Driver tab, click update the driver:

    It'll just select the root directory containing the installer for Windows Vista drivers. Wait for the installation, reboot Maxx Audio tab is slightly different from before but also adjustable:

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    Re: Qosmio Toshiba - Installing Drivers for Windows 7

    Another question: Should I install the other drivers who are on the Toshiba site?

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    Re: Qosmio Toshiba - Installing Drivers for Windows 7

    You have to look to see if the Device Manager you all. If you lack the pilots, trying to install via Windows Update or find them on the Toshiba site. Ensure you also like to have the Realtek HD Audio Manager and Audio Equipment in and Waves MaxxAudio tab in the latter.

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