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Thread: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

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    Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    Lost your Windows 7's password and you can not remember it? Even if you have tried your dozens of passwords to open your session, none of them work? Do not panic, you do not have to reinstall Windows completely.

    Indeed, using a single CD of Ubuntu, a free utility, you will be able to reset or change the password of any session of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    This can also be handy to unlock a computer that you would have recovered and that Windows is protected by a password.This highlights the limited protection of the Windows password. Hence the importance of encrypting your sensitive files and documents , which can not be recovered if they fall into the wrong hands.

    Download Ubuntu Linux:

    At first, you must download the disk image of Ubuntu Linux. You can then burn to a CD. Download Ubuntu 4.10 LTS "Lucid Lynx (32bits). Click the Save button. Select a folder where to download the Linux disk image, in the Downloads folder for example and click Save. Click Open Folder when the download is complete.

    Burn the ISO image to CD:

    With Windows 7, you can burn CD image directly onto a blank CD in Windows Explorer. If you use Windows XP or Vista, you must turn to a third party burning software like CDBurnerXP example.
    • Double click the downloaded ISO Ubuntu Linux.
    • Insert a blank CD into your drive and click the Burn button.
    • Once the burning is complete, click Close.

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    Boot from the CD:

    Now that your CD is ready, you can start over and start installing Ubuntu Linux. To boot disk, you must change the order of the boot sequence of your computer to place your CD drive first. This manipulation is done in the BIOS. Please refer to the documentation for your computer or your motherboard for more information.
    • Insert the Ubuntu CD into your drive.

    • Restart your computer.

    • At startup, press the button to access the BIOS, usually Del, F1 or F2 sometimes depending on the brand.

    • Locate the section on the boot sequence, Hard Disk Boot Priority section in the Advanced BIOS Features or Boot for example.

    • Using the arrow keys and + and - keys, place the CD / DVD to the top of the list.

    • Save your changes by pressing the F10 key. Confirm with Y or OK. Finally Press the Enter key.

    • Your computer will then start on the CD.

    Install the chntpw program:

    Ubuntu then boots the CD you inserted, without changing anything on your computer.
    • Click on Try Ubuntu 4.10 LTS.

    • Click the System menu.

    • Click Administration then Synaptic Package Manager.

    • Click on the Settings menu and then click Deposit.

    • Then check the box maintained by the Free Software community (universe) and click the Close button.

    • Click the Reload button to update the list of available packages.

    • Then enter the keyword in the Search field chntpw fast (wait a few minutes he called Quick time that the index is rebuilt) and press Enter.

    • Click the box next to the package chntpw.

    • In the menu that appears, click the Select option for installation.

    • Then click the Apply button.

    • Accept the changes by clicking Apply.

    • Chntpw be installed. Click the Close button.

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    Locate the hard disk:

    With chntpw use to reset the password of Windows, you must locate in Ubuntu the hard disk where Windows is installed to unlock.
    • Click the Shortcuts menu of Ubuntu and then My Computer.

    • Your hard drives are referenced. Find one that contains Windows. If it is not clear, double click on each of them will.

    • The hard disk that interests us is the one with the Windows folder.

    • Incidentally, note the name of the disk is shown in the File Browser window.

    Use chntpw to delete a Windows password:

    With chntpw utility, you can erase the password of any Windows account, freeing access.
    • Open a Terminal window by clicking on the Ubuntu menu, click Accessories, then Terminal.
    • Enter the command cd / media and confirm with Enter.
    • Enter the ls command and confirm with Enter. The list of hard disk drives is displayed. You should see the reference noted above.
    • Then enter the command cd followed by the reference hard drive containing Windows. In our case, the command is cd FAC4AC2BC4ABE7D9. Confirm with Enter.
    • Then type the command cd WINDOWS/system32/config to access the Windows system folder where are saved passwords. Press Enter.
    • Then enter the command sudo-i chntpw Sat and confirm by pressing Enter.
    • Press the button 1 and press Enter.
    • SAM is the file that contains the Windows registry. The list of users on your system is displayed. Enter the code located in the RID column beside the name of the user you want to reset the password to zero code preceded by 0x and press Enter. For RID 03E8, the command becomes 0x03e8 here.
    • Then press the 1 key to erase the password for the selected account and confirm by pressing Enter.
    • The password is then deleted as you said the message Password cleared. Press! And press Enter to exit from the menu.
    • Then press the q key, validate and confirm the registration of the change by pressing ahead. Confirm with Enter.
    • Then close the Terminal window and restart your computer by clicking the Stop button and then click Restart. Confirm the operation and remove the Ubuntu CD in your drive when you are asked. Press Enter.
    • On the next start, the password protecting the session you are no longer required. This is normal, you just delete it. Before, a password you requested.
    • You can then set a new password and create a recovery disk to recover if lost.

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    Oh,one more ad

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    The top easy and safe methods for you reset your lost Windows 7 password. All you need to do is selecting an appropriate method recover your Windows 7 Password now:

    Method one: Logging in Windows 7 with an available admin account to recover Win 7 password

    Methods two: Creating a password recovery disk to recover the Win 7 password, by this methods, you need create a Windows password reset disk before you have lost or forgotten your Windows admin password.

    Method three: Using Windows Password Recovery software to recover Windows 7 password

    Under such circumstances, you may need the help of other software. There are some free softwares can settle the problem such as Ophcrack, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Cain & Abel v4.9.31. However, when you operate these softwares, the disadvantages are obvious. You may lose your patience if you experience them.

    I f you want to reset your windows 7 password easily and timely , some softwares with high capability price can help you. For example, Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, Windows Password Key, Password Recovery Bundle, etc

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    These free tools are very good! Thanks! Though my test failed.

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    Re: Recovering windows 7 lost password with Linux CD

    Why did your test failed??? did you got any error??? you can just post the error or the issue you had with the above process for further help.

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