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Thread: How To Make A Application Portable

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    ThumbsUp How To Make A Application Portable

    1.Install both Universal Extractor and Winrar
    2.Right Click on the Application which you wish to make it as Portable.There will be Option UnExtract to Subdir.Click on it.
    3.This will Unextract the Appz and a Command Prompt will be displayed on the Screen.
    4.After this you can find some extracted Folder as you see in Screenshot below.
    5.Now open {app} Folder here only you can find the Original Applications Setup.exe File.
    6.Now Press F2(Rename) and Copy(Ctrl+c) the File Name.(This File name will be used in Step9)
    7..Press CTRL+A (Select All) and Right Click.Now Click add to Archive ..
    As i have Shown in the Below Screenshot,
    8..Now give a Archive name.(I have given KeePass.rar).Under Archieving Option Select Create SFX Archieve.And set Compression Mode as Best.
    9..Now Click Advanced Tab and Click SFX Options.
    10.This will Open a New Dialog Box(Advanced SFX Option).
    11.In the General Tab.Under Run After Extraction.
    Give the Appz File name (Here i have given KeePass.exe this is the File name copied in Step5)
    12.Now move on to Modes Tab.Select Unpack to Temporary Folder,Hide all,Overwrite all Files.
    13.Click ok.Again Clcik ok to start the SFX creation Process
    14.This will Create a Archive for the respective Appz.
    15.After this Process you can find the Portable Appz in SFX archiever form
    16.If you click on that the Appz will open immediately without running the installation Process.
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    Re: How To Make A Application Portable

    Well the steps mentioned where really helpful but in my case everything is going wrong. I really don't know what can i do to solve this issue because the universal extractor is not doing well on my system. So please help me out of the same as soon as possible.

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