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Thread: How to watch movies on Motorola Droid

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    How to watch movies on Motorola Droid

    Description :
    The X-Droid, Was Built to go head to head Against Sprint's super-phone, not to mention AT & T's iPhone Finely-polished 4. The X-Droid Has A massive 4.3-inch WVGA vibrant 854 x 480 display, with splashes of Android 2.1 Moto-blur updated interface, a speedy 1-GHz processor, and 8GB of on-board storage.

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    Re: How to watch movies on Motorola Droid

    Import Features :
    The Droid X is excellent for watching video phone, as long as you're watching it on the phone. It supports year Unusually deep range of codecs, I played 480p-format files in simple MP4, H.264, WMV, DIVX and XVID & Events format. If some guys want to convert movie DVDs Purchased Their Golden Droid Rented to X, There Will Be No trouble, What You Need Is just an Applied X Converter DVD to Droid. After Repeated Attempts out, something Called Daniusoft DVD Ripper IS outstanding, it can convert DVD to Motorola Droid X Supported video format for DVD movies are CSS protected Usually. (Additionally, it Also Has expert converting dvd to wmv, dvd to mpeg, dvd to mkv) So first you should "Be Clear about What Kind of Formats are Supported by your Droid X. Here I list all the Supported video / audio formats playable on Motorola Droid X.

    Playable Formats :
    Audio: AAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, WAV, WMA, eAAC +, OGG, AAC +, MIDI, AMR WB, AMR NB
    Video: MPEG-4, MP4, H.264, WMV, DIVX XVID gold

    Video Capture Rate :
    DVD quality (854x480 resolution) up to 24 fps capture, up to 30 fps playback

    After knowing What Video Can Be Played On The Droid X, you can begin to use Daniusoft DVD Ripper to convert DVD to X Droid. Now, let's check how to make it. Free Download Daniusoft DVD Ripper First, download this Free DVD Ripper, install and run it. And Then follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Click "File" in menu list or "Add" button, you can load DVD from DVD ROM / Folder (data DVD) / IFO / ISO files respectively.

    Step 2: You can select the X Droid - friendly format from the list Categorized output format in "Profile" drop-down list and specify the output directory to save your files in Converted "Output" drop-down list.

    Step 3: The Last Will Be step conversion. Click "Start" button, and all the tasks Will Be done. During, the Whole "conversion, You Can Have a clear idea of the conversion process have SUCH Converted length and time in the" Converting "window popped up.

    That's it. Now, you can watch your favorite DVD movies on your Motorola Droid X with high-resolution screen. As for me, I'v Already Converted Three DVD movie 'Midnight Sun', 'Avatar' and 'This Is It' to my lovely Droid X for watching, is it funny? Just try Now ...

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    Re: How to watch movies on Motorola Droid

    What app are you using to watch the movies on the droid x?
    any recommendations on free apps?

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    Re: How to watch movies on Motorola Droid

    If you are looking to free application that will convert the video for your droidX then you can go with the "KingConvert Motorola DROID X Video Converter" which you can go through and find working with the issue of yours. You can easily download the same from the Google. This is open source application to download and install.

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