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Thread: How to fix corrupt Excel File on Windows Home Server

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    How to fix corrupt Excel File on Windows Home Server

    How the problem occurs :
    If you save your Microsoft Excel on a Windows Home Server system, chances are that your file could get corrupted. It is peculiar to the situation where Windows Home Server uses multiple hard drives. Due to a serious bug reported in the file transfer and balancing procedure used in this operating system on multiple hard drives, you may fail to access your Excel file. But there are cases when you have no backup file that you can use. To cope up with such situations, use Excel recovery software to repair your damaged file. When you try to open an Excel file that is stored on Windows Home Server, a function, you may receive errors that the file is corrupted or is located on a server that is currently unavailable while the server is launched .

    Cause :
    If you use multiple disks to your Windows Home Server, and then depending on its timing, workload and patterns of use of Excel, the file might be corrupted. It occurs due to implement the shared folders of storage technology, Windows Home Server uses NTFS file system with a system of mini-file-filter driver. Due to a bug in the forwarding mechanism that uses mini-filter driver to redirect I / O between files stored on hard disks and other key, the interaction between NTFS, the cache manager and manager memory is out of synchronization. This ultimately makes a file corrupted and inaccessible.

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    Re: How to fix corrupt Excel File on Windows Home Server

    How to Solve :
    You must use these methods to resolve issues such as:
    To prevent file corruption, as does happen, you must install Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 update. Restore the damaged file from backup or use commercial software Excel Repair (if the backup gives errors or is missing). If the "> Excel tool "> repair that you are using is not compatible with Windows Home Server, you must transfer the file to a corrupted system that the application takes supported. Such products file repair mechanisms to provide advanced file repair, automatic recovery options and rich graphical interface to restore the file without risk.

    Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is a powerful software that can effectively repair a damaged file. This is a non-destructive repair file Excel application with the support of Excel 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It restores all objects files, including graphics, images, hyperlinks, macros, tables, etc. This tool is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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