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Thread: How to Apply Custom Themes in Windows 7

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    How to Apply Custom Themes in Windows 7

    Windows, of course, is the operating system most used around the world, this for its ease of use and its particular characteristics. For Windows users see a complete system of all the tools for proper management of the computer, and ease of installation and start-up applications, which in other operating systems like Linux is much more cumbersome. There are several possibilities to put a custom themes in Windows 7. But that need some system tweaking. I can speak through the limited possibilities are not always visually and only link to the pictures, not necessarily what makes things simpler. The tweaks and patches that are used here are designed for Windows 7 (64x and 86x). Since users have incorporated most of Windows 7 already tried, this will help you out.

    Microsoft pays particular attention to the customization of Windows 7, and provides a wonderful collection of wallpapers and themes. Windows 7 also makes it easy for all users create their own custom themes and gives the opportunity to share with others. If you are still using an older version of Windows (like Windows XP or Vista) you can take advantage of these new Windows 7 desktop themes with some simple tricks. First it should be noted that Microsoft allows you to download themes and wallpapers for Windows 7.

    Themepack simply a zip file containing all the elements of a theme: background images, colors of Aero Glass, sounds, cursors, icons, screen savers, etc. To use these files on an earlier version of Windows, you must first extract it from Themepack using a program such as 7Zip (like Winzip or Winrar). Once extracted, the file will be the theme in a new folder that has the same name as the original themepack. If your computer has the Windows Vista operating system that supports Aero, just double click the file.

    Theme that is present in the extracted folder. However, this background image disappears when you restart your computer, then you must set it as wallpaper permanent.Windows XP does not support Aero Glass, but you can use background images downloaded from the Windows 7 Theme package. The backgrounds are in the folder or a subfolder named themepack desktopbackground. On any image, click the right mouse button and select Set as desktop background. Most Windows 7 themes are composed of multiple background images that change every day or at regular intervals. You can download entire collections of wallpapers and wallpaper Windows 7 always from DeviantArt or by Crystal XP .

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    Re: How to Apply Custom Themes in Windows 7

    Method 1

    For this the first requirement is Theme patcher. I had attached the same to the post for both 32bix (x86) and 64 bit operating system. Just install and run the exe file. Then you can see a box where you get option to patch three files. Choose a patch for each file and then reboot your system. After this you can put costume there and then choose a nice selection of your choice. Then go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and put your custom folder here. This will then in return will appear in the personalization menu. This is the most simple and easy solution for your fix.

    Method 2

    Indeed modify system files of Windows poses a risk to your system.
    • First step, create a backup system in case of trouble. Go to > Control Panel > Backup > and the back up your system.
    • You must take first possession of three files and you match all the above permissions. These three files are located in% systemroot% \ System32 folder usually C: / windows/system32 They are named uxtheme.dll, and themeui.dll shsvcs.dll.

    To take possession of first follow these steps (repeat for each file) :
    • Right click the file and property
    • Go to Security tab and click Advanced
    • In the Owner tab and then click Edit
    • Select the Administrator account that you use and click Apply
    • Confirm and close

    To give you full permission on the files follow the following instructions (repeat for all three files) :
    • Right click then property
    • Go to Security tab and Edit
    • Select your group or user name and click the box total control in the column Allow. (all boxes should then be checked)
    • Click on apply and validate

    Then rename the files in three-name fichier.bak uxtheme.dll and uxtheme.bak). Copy the new files instead and reboot your system. The computer restarts, you can now install visual themes of your choice. An impressive selection of themes is available on deviant art in category Customization - Skins & Themes - Windows Vista Utilities - Visual Styles

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    Re: How to Apply Custom Themes in Windows 7

    Method 3

    Custom Desktop Theme

    There is a Universal Theme Patcher, which many times more likely be know to Wiudows Vista user can be adapted for Windows 7 also. Download the same and then run it.

    The procedure is similar to the Theme Patcher. In case of difficulties with the Theme Patcher should try this program. There are various displays that can be patched dlls - three in number - so you do. Then you follow the instructions to reboot the PC. Once you're back landed on the desktop, you will of course no different immediate choice of using a customized theme.

    Windows 7 Themes

    There are probably countless sources for Windows 7 themes and you can find the same on official site of Windows also. Download any theme and extract the same on your desktop. This copies your content in the Themes folder and then same will be then available in the Personalization menu.

    Customize Desktop

    Changing the icons of shortcuts should be well known. For that right click on the icons and then click on Edit Properties and go to Symbol. The system icons like My Computer, Recycle Bin, network etc can be change from here.

    You can access the same by right clicking on Desktop then go to Customize and then click on Change desktop icons above and get started. You can download some icon packs for the same.

    Method 4

    As you probably know, to apply custom themes in Windows Vista you need to patch some system files with programs like VistaGlazz. The procedure is therefore a bit complex and not for everyone. But there is an alternative that allows you to apply custom themes without patch system files: it is called Style Selector. After downloading, extract the 'archive and copy and paste in your Styles folder with the file. Msstyles. Then start Style Selector, select the theme you want to apply and click Apply. Finally, remember, before you click Apply, select the startup item.

    Custome Themes for Windows Mobile

    Windows Mobile brings Windows functions directly into phones compatible with all known positive (and negative) that this might have. Whereas Windows is highly customizable, is easy to see how well Windows Mobile is the same. Especially if you use the online application which you ar eabout to make with it because you can create custom themes to use in your favorite phone.

    The service of which we speak is Custom Theme Creator, available directly from Microsoft. Custom Theme Creator allows us to customize our Windows Mobile, creating a custom theme. The first thing to do is to select one of these phones, equivalent to that in our possession. Without this you can move on to selecting the color palette from those available, or we can create a custom one for choosing a color to use. Finally select an image from your computer, be used as wallpaper. The service is free and requires Silverlight.

    The appearance of Windows 7 is very similar to Vista, ignoring the great changes as the task superbarra. If you're a fan of customization, qeurrás change this look and apply some themes created by third parties. Like other versions of Windows, 7 does not allow third parties to use the themes, so you need three files to patch the system to allow you to apply l 7 item you want. The important file are uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll and themeservice.dll. These three files are located in the folder "% windir% \ System32".

    Patching these three files manually involves risk, so we bring you a small utility that will help you make the delicate task of quickly and easily. Universal Theme Patcher is an excellent patcher UxTheme that supports Windows XP SP2/SP3, Server 2003, Vista SP1/SP2, Server 2008 and Windows 7. Can be used both in 32 and 64 bits.

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