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Old 16-08-2010
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Setting up a wireless network in 13 steps

A wireless network is one that enables the connection of two or more computers together without cables involved. Here's a tip to configuring a wireless network. Such networks offer us great advantages for households and businesses, since there is no need to install cables. Wi-Fi, was available under the IEEE 802.11 standard, it has been updates, which work at diverse speeds. The Wireless Local Area Networks permit highly mobile users, allowing them to minimize wiring, using radio frequency technology.

Network Features

The reduction in wiring, which results in easy installation, reducing time.
The radio frequencies used for communication, allows us to connect areas to which we can not reach using cabling, either by cost or location.
It allows real time transmission to users. This allows great opportunities for service and productivity.

Step 1: task bar

We start looking for the network icon, located on the taskbar, there we know whether the machine has the power disconnected or not installed.

Step2: network search

When you find the icon, we right click on it and then we will get a text menu with several options, of which we select View Available Wireless Networks".

Step 3: Select Network

In the window of wireless networking, we must select the "choose a wireless network." Then select the "Refresh network list" with this we can see the wireless networks to which we reach.

Step4: available networks

After performing the third step, the window like the following image that indicates you are searching for available networks on your computer. To be able to perform the following steps. You might take a little while, but do not worry at this window you will see the result.
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Old 16-08-2010
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 72
Re: Setting up a wireless network in 13 steps

Step 5: Configuration data

As you can see it has found an available wireless network, in this case the test name is "web master" but you can give it any name you want. Then, select the connect button.

Step6: key

When attempting to connect to this wireless network, we asked the network key to access it, introduce it again and then select the connect button.

Step7: Connection Wizard

Connection wizard we attempt to connect to the net. To be completed if the network key entered is correct.

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Old 16-08-2010
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 72
Re: Setting up a wireless network in 13 steps

Step 8: connected network

If the network has been connected successfully, we will display the connection details in the next window.

Step 9: Select state

We returned to the taskbar by step 2 again and select again the "state".

Step 10: connection speed

In the Status window of the wireless network connection, shows the characteristics of the connection: state, Network, duration, speed, signal strength.

Step 11: properties

By selecting the properties button, will appear in the same window the network adapter that is being used and the types of network components.

Step 12: Features

In the tab "Wireless Networks" you can define if this connection that we will connect automatically. Also, we can add new connections, remove, or view the properties.

Step 13: Advanced

In the tab "Advanced" you can define the settings of the firewall or firewall, define whether the connection will be shared.

I hope these tips would have served 13 steps to connect a wireless network.
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