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Old 16-08-2010
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How to use killdisk

KillDisk is not a simple tool to format, it will write 0 everywhere on a partition or an entire hard drive (you choose). After its passage, it is virtually impossible to recover the data. KillDisk can be used after a severe infection of the type Virus can return after a normal format (with the Windows CD for example). There is a free version and a paid version. The free version a single pass, the fee 3. Know KillDisk with one pass is enough to destroy heavily definitely all the data you have on your partitions. It starts when you boot the PC. Its use is simple.
  1. Download KillDisk: http://www.killdisk.com

  2. Unpack the ZIP file

  3. You must have the files in an ISO file named BOOT -DSK.iso.
Burn the file onto a CD or DVD (recordable or not) as an image (ISO using CDBurnerXP software, you can also use Nero or you can also use IsoBurner.exe located in the archive-boot-cd iso.zip.). Once the CD or DVD is complete, insert it into the CD-DVD and restart the PC.

Note: BIOS must be configured to boot from CD or DVD first (early start your PC, just after the brand name and / or some writing of the BIOS . Look up at the end of this tutorial learn how to configure your BIOS so that the content is the CD-DVD starts first.
  • Wait KillDisk starts.

  • Choose Active @ KillDisk (FREE) and confirm with Enter.

  • A message warns you that the free version allows for only one pass, confirm with Enter.

  • Select the partition or hard disk to format and press F10.

  • Allow the method''One Pass Zeros "and press F10.

  • Type ERASE-ALL-DATA (type A and the Q = for -) and confirm with Enter. The formatting is done (the duration depends on the size of the hard drive, the power of the PC, etc.. It may take several hours). For a 160 GB hard drive, it takes about 1 hour (with only one pass).

  • When the formatting is complete, a report will be displayed.

  • Press Esc twice, and a message asks if you want to leave KillDisk, press Enter.

  • You can remove the CD KillDisk and put the CD on your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc..) And then restart your PC to complete the installation.
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Old 16-08-2010
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 206
Re: How to use killdisk


Attention KillDisk is not a trivial software! If misused it can permanently destroy your hard drive!

When you use KillDisk on a PC or laptop, made by the weather. If there is a power failure, your hard drive is toast. On a laptop battery and put the plug as the mains. NEVER use the battery alone. If it falls flat, you just have to change your hard drive. Remember to check if your PC (or laptop) has no overheating problems, whether the PC can automatically shut down due to overheating. If your PC is too hot, clean the fan and the intake and exhaust air. If the weather is cool when you use KillDisk, open the window, the room temperature will be colder then your machine will heat a little less. KillDisk makes it virtually impossible to recover data after work, I said "almost" because at the moment no formatter is infaible but KillDisk is very close to perfection.

KillDisk is a sure bet to make your disks as hard as they leave the factory.

Configuring your BIOS for the CD-DVD Going first
  1. When starting the PC, press the Delete key or F2 (depending on PC) to access the BIOS.
  2. Go to the Startup tab (Boot).
  3. Select Boot Device Priority then confirm with Enter. Put the CD / DVD in the first position.
  4. Confirm the change with F10 and then OK to restart.
  5. Put the CD in the drive.
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