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Old 09-08-2010
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Synchronize files with Live Mesh and Live Sync

In past :
The times in which data were stored solely on the good old desktop PC and manages appear to finally be part of the past. In addition to the increasing mobility and the exchange of data between different devices such as smart phone, MP3 player, digital picture frames Netbook or from our everyday life is almost inconceivable without. However, the increasing number of devices also makes sure that the user is easy to lose track of which files are to be found in what location. In the future, will the Redmond software giant Microsoft, users in the tasks of file management and synchronization of different devices with each other with the "Live Mesh" service support. The devices are connected via the Internet and synchronized. Live Mesh is one of the first applications that builds on Microsoft's Internet operating system Windows Azure.
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Old 09-08-2010
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 200
Re: Synchronize files with Live Mesh and Live Sync

How to :
To use the service, it extends over the Mesh website ( www.mesh.com ) with an absolutely necessary Windows LiveID login. Want to add your computer to the Mesh, it is necessary to install the software Live Mesh client.

- For installation or set up the program are small no experience necessary after a few minutes have the necessary files are implemented into the system and you will be prompted to enter your LiveID for the first login and the system tray near the clock icon appears Mesh .

- The option settings of the login window, you can specify whether you want to connect automatically in future and save the username and password can be, due to multi-user systems is not advisable.

- After successful registration, you will see the so-called mesh-ring in which the mesh belonging to a device are presented. Users can now create directories mesh, the computers then this mesh are all used up and are automatically synchronized. In addition to the "local" storage of the data on the virtual, 5 GB comprehensive, live desktop, server stored in the Microsoft space and are consequently, even in a switched-off device available.

You can follow any files or file types will be synchronized with the shared folder, apart from the limited online storage at once, there are no restrictions.

Other data provide
You can folder for "members" to share. To provide a directory or its contents to a friend, relatives or colleagues are available, select the tab "Members" of the mesh bar only "add". In a window pops up, you already see a pre-invitation email with a text, enter the address of a member of the future send us a message by clicking on the "OK" button down ". The message contains a link to the mesh on the website inviting the visitor to register with his LiveID be confirmed once.

Remote PC work with the local
Another treat is the opportunity to directly mesh out to build a remote connection to a remote computer related. The remote control of PC via the same technology as used by the Remote Desktop feature in Windows. However, the Connect is designed a little easier. Is the access to the computer to be controlled, users see the usual login screen with the prompt for the password. Although this option is good, but it also carries dangers. Since the remote control desktop firewalls, NAT routers and warnings simply bypasses, can also in an otherwise secure corporate network suddenly not be a remote control intended by the administrator.

Files to synchronize with Windows Live Sync
The popular service FolderShare and set this to the new offer Windows Live Sync replaced. How to Live With Live Mesh you can sync from any location, access your files, but without cloud storage to have available. With the free Windows Live Sync you can synchronize files between different computers or share with friends and colleagues. If you have multiple computers, you can create up to 20 folders in which a total maximum of 20 000 files are allowed to sync. Windows Live Sync can edit files up to a size of 4 GB. In addition, the service is suitable for both PC and Mac. About so-called shared folders you can share files with friends or colleagues. Access is permitted only to yourself and the people you invited. In different "security levels" allow users to view, add, remove or edit the saved files in a folder. As in the usual Live services, is to use the Live service sync a Windows Live ID is required also for you, as appropriate, upon the website can register for free.

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