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Thread: How to record or capture Skype video

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    How to record or capture Skype video

    If you want record or capture Skype video then this is for you. You can do this by installing MP3 Skype Recorder. I installed this software to record my Skype conversations. You can download this software from its official site.

    I have tested this and the first tests are satisfactory! Indeed once installed, there is nothing to do, the software automatically detects the call and begins to record your call until the end of the conversation. You can also record conference call. On my first test, I could hear my voice on the left and the voice of the caller on the line. You can adjust the effect and also stereo "recording bitrate that is the recording quality, I recommend setting the recording to 64 to avoid losing too much quality and was not too much space on your hard drive. (24 is the minimum quality and 128 is the standard quality CD)

    Another tip: tell your partner that you record the conversation. The next step is to test a video capture software Skype.

    For those unfamiliar with Skype. Skype is software that you download onto your computer system which allows calls to any match in the world provided it is also equipped with the same software. If your interviewer does not have skype, you can call him on his landline or mobile, but it will achter skype credits. Most of the time, the cost of communications is at the cost of local call.

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    Re: How to record or capture Skype video

    Does this mean that this program can record conference calls as simply as P2P (Pear to Pear) calls or Is There Some trick like ALL people in a conference this program Need a new series? I would appreciate it if you could "Clarify this for me”. Because if it is having support for this then it will be really helpful. I will be waiting for the related reply.

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    Re: How to record or capture Skype video

    What for me ,for record Skype call and video I use IMCapture for Skype. It’s really nice prog.

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