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Thread: How to close PayPal account permanently

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    How to close PayPal account permanently

    You are registered on the PayPal website to safely perform your banking virtual. However you want to close the PayPal account because you no longer useful. Here are the steps to their PayPal account. Simply follow the steps to get your paypal account disabled.
    • Log in to the following URL:
    • On the page that appears, click the link called 'connection' which is at the top of the page or on the button named 'log' which is located on the left pane of your screen.
    • Component identification is displayed on the left of your screen. Then enter the email address as the password. Then click the button named 'log'.
    • You then go to your PayPal account. In this same page you can see different options: an overview of the account, add funds, transfer funds, historical, manager of litigation and preference.

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    Re: How to close PayPal account permanently

    • Then click the option called 'preferences' to display the Preferences page.

    • In this new page, you can see three vertical columns: "personal information", "financial information" and "preferences of sales.

    • Focus your time in the column named 'personal information'. In this column, scroll down the list of available options. At the bottom of the list you should see a link called 'closing the account'. Then click on this link.

    • For security reasons, PayPal will ask you to provide your bank information before the final closure of your account. Then choose one of two security options: credit card or bank account.

    • This will ensure the company 'PayPal' as it is the owner of the account upon request.

    • Fill out the fields correctly and fully charged and then click 'Submit'. Your request will be taken into account by PayPal's services, which will permanently close your account.

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    Re: How to close PayPal account permanently

    I have a totally different approach to delete or disable the paypal account you can for this you simply need to go to tha paypal website login to your account with your username and password.

    • The simplest way to close the account is to type the words close account" in the "search" box without the double quotes present at the upper right hand corner of the webpage.
    • Before closing the account you need to verify the that you only are the owner of your account. You can do this by following the prompts which appears on your screen including listing the credit card numbers for each and every card which you might have linked to your account using the drop down menu. Most probably you may have entered these card numbers at some point while operating your account.
    • After this has been done using the security measures properly and also if you no longer widh to have an account at paypal. The information about your credit card will be erased completely. For using the account in future you will have to create a new paypal account in future from scratch. In the same manner as you have created this account. Finally you have deleted your paypal account successfully.

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