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Thread: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

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    How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    To accomplish this manipulation, there are many methods and has been for Windows or Mac OSX. Not too much like hitting dozens of command lines, I fell back on a method that works only from Windows, but has the huge advantage of being extremely simple and fast (twenty minutes).

    I offer the following translation of the original guide and a supplement on installing applications from the iPhone.

    The various steps in the sequel.


    I am not responsible for any problems you may encounter, this guide worked perfectly in my case, but we do not guarantee any results at home. You try these manipulations and knowing you'll pay the consequences if there were any problems

    Prerequisites :

    Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer

    For information, I used a machine with Windows XP, but it seems that this guide also works for Windows Vista.

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    Installation :

    1. Download the first archive TouchFree5
    2. Unzip all the files in a directory on your desktop.
    3. Copy (do not move!) ITunesMobileDevice.dll the file directory
      C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ bin
      in the same directory that contains the file touchFree.exe (uncompressed point 2).
    4. Connect your iPod touch to your machine. If iTunes does not launch automatically, launch the media player manually and then do a restore of your iPod with firmware 1.1.1 (the one proposed automatically). This will allow you to have an iPod touch "new factory".
    5. Quit iTunes with CTRL-ALT-DEL (on a Mac running Windows, use the CTRL-ATL-FN-Backspace). Make sure you have completed all the processes related to iTunes (iTunes.exe, iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe). Do not open more iTunes before the end of this guide.
    6. On your PC, run the file touchFree.exe (make sure iTunes is not running).
    7. The program will now read the image of your iPod (this may take a little time). When the program tells you to reboot, keep pressing the button a few seconds at the top of the player can "slide" button Off. Turn the iPod immediately, once the GUI (the one where we see the application icons) loaded, press Enter cmd in the window of the program touchFree (you must press Enter manually because the program is not capable of detect when the iPod has booted correctly). You must shut down and restart your iPod twice more. Simply follow the instructions in the command window.
    8. That is, the process is completed after rebooting your iPod should have the Install icon and SSH and SFTP should be activated.
    9. Now to install applications from the iPhone (version 1.1.1). You will find an archive containing and you will have to unzip it on your desktop.
    10. We will use WinSCP to transfer applications.
    11. Get a first IP address assigned to your iPod (go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Blue Arrow on your network -> DHCP).
    12. Start now WinSCP and fill with the IP host name of your touch, Username and Password with root with Alpine. Make sure you choose SFTP. The connection is rather slow, wait more than 15 seconds recommended.
    13. You can now browse the directories on your iPod touch. We'll copy in the Applications folder at the root of touch applications from the iPhone.

      Copy from iMobileApps directory (decompressed before on the desktop) the following applications (,,, and

      Once the copy is complete, all new applications freshly copied, right click on the folder then Properties. In the window, specify that you want to apply the law in writing to the group Group (0775). Be sure to check the box Set group, owner and permissions recursively (this allows to apply these new rights to all files in the directory.

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    • It remains to perform some operations for Maps and Mail applications. Copy the directory iMobileApps the folders in the folder System / Library in the corresponding directories of the folder System / Library in the iPod touch.
    • It'll just restart your iPod touch to take full advantage of iPhone applications. There is one last thing to do to help finally adding calendar events. For this, nothing very complicated to do, just launch the Installer application and install the hotfix Touch Calendar Fix, after installation, the iPod reboots itself and you can now safely add events.

    I hope this little guide has enabled you to succeed as easily as me these various processes and this without typing a single line of code. I wish you much fun with your iPod touch that has simply become a must have as Apple would deliver the standard.

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    There are already many applications that can use with your iPhone 3G, a payment and other free. We will explain how to access them and how to install, and then in another post, we will discuss the most popular at this time. The first thing you need is the iPhone, of course, and iTunes, with your account. The application updates that you buy are free. When you log back to AppStore, an icon telling you that there is an update of an application that you purchased. Click on update.

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)


    For install iPhone apps you Plug your iPhone into your computer and let it sync (during the sync it should open iTunes).

    In iTunes on the left hand menu bar your iPhone should show under the Devices tab. Click on the iPhone icon.

    You iPhone summary screen should show. Tap the Tan labelled Applications and ensure the check box 'Sync Applications' is ticked. You can also check that there is a tick next to each app.

    Sync you iPhone again by clicking the 'Sync' button on the bottom right hand side.

    Thanks !!!!

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    To download applications from the iPhone, press the Appstore on your phone, choose the application you want (note that no fee and free), and click on Install. You can browse through the list of the 25 most popular applications, by category, etc. After entering the data from our account in iTunes, start the installation, and it will be available on our iPhone. Purchased applications through the iPhone is also synchronized with iTunes when you connect the iPhone to your computer. It should do, because it can serve as backup in case you accidentally deleted from the iPhone or we will stop using so far, but you may want to back after using the application.

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    Re: How to install iPhone apps (Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Notes)

    To install iPhone applications you connect iPhone to your computer. iTunes menu bar on the left should appear below the iPhone in the Devices tab, Click on the iPhone settings, IPhone summary screen will appear. You can also check that will appear next to each application and click on install, from this way you can install iPhone application.
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