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Thread: How to Remove Desktop Defender 2010 from windows 7

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    How to Remove Desktop Defender 2010 from windows 7

    Desktop Defender 2010 or DesktopDefender2010, DesktopDefender 2010 Desktop Defender2010, as we know, is a misleading application that is designed to bring non-existent infections infiltrated the computer system. The main objective of Desktop Defender 2010, as with most other applications, crook, is to convince the user that his computer was hit by a series of malware, and should purchase the full version to protect PC against these threats. Naturally, it is strongly recommended not to do so, because it is part of the scam.

    Instead, uninstall Desktop Defender 2010 system as soon as possible, otherwise it may pose serious problems to the computer in question. Usually, this misapplication is promoted through the use of such infections and Trojan scanners fake anti-malware online. These false scanners tend to appear warning about serious problems on the computer and can recommend downloading Desktop Defender 2010 to the user. Once a user clicks on these automatic warnings, they are redirected to the checkout page online Desktop Defender 2010. Once triggered, Desktop Defender 2010 scan imitate legitimate system and report a series of infections. All infections reported by Desktop Defender 2010 are obviously false and pose no danger to the computer in question

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    Re: How to Remove Desktop Defender 2010 from windows 7

    The program scammer will say that your computer is infected with spyware, trojans and adware. In fact, the only infection that there is only Desktop Defender 2010. To make matters worse, Desktop Defender 2010 will appear alerts security of the Windows taskbar that looks legitimate. Finally i can only say "Do not buy Desktop Defender 2010, it is a scam and nothing else!".

    Removal Instructions Automatic Desktop Security 2010

    This method of automatic deletion is designed for users with no special computer skills. If you're too lazy to learn how to remove spyware or access to sensitive files from your computer, this method is for you.

    Before you start: Print these instructions or add them to your favorites because you'll need to restart in failure mode. Also make a backup of your computer in case you make a mistake.
    1. First of all you will need to download and save SmitFraudFix on your system.
    2. Finally you should restart your system in Safe Mode. Then on the desktop click on the SmitfraudFix.exe icon.
    3. A new window will open which will select the second option there which says “clean (safe mode)” and press the enter key for deleting the files which are infected.
    4. The SmitFraudFix will continue to run in the background in order to fix the Desktop defender 2010. As soon as the process is completed the Disk Cleanup will be executed automatically.
    5. After the completion of the disk cleanup program, you will be prompted: "Registry Cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry (do you want to clean the registry). Answer Y (Yes / Yes) and press Enter. Restart your system.
    6. After this has been done SmitFraudFix will check whether the file wininet.dll is infected or not. If it is infected then you will be asked whether to replace this file or not. Answer by pressing Y and finally press Enter. Restart the system
    7. A Notepad will display a screen which will display a list showing the l;ist of deleted files as soon as your somputer is restarted. If this screen does not appear, a file named report.txt will be created and stored in the root of your drive (Local Disk C: ).
    8. Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
    9. Go to C: \ Windows \ Temp, click Edit and then click Select All, press DELETE, and then select the yes button to ensure that you want to delete all the items.
    10. Go to C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Local Settings \ Temp, there also delete all the files which are present.
    11. Restart your computer in normal mode this time. Go to Windows Update and download all critical updates.

    I hope this article helped you solve your problems related to Desktop Security 2010. If you wish to contribute to this article, add your comment below.

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    Re: How to Remove Desktop Defender 2010 from windows 7

    It is very important to delete that form window 7.It give you such a big trouble which you never seen on window 7.Today i faced such a great trouble.Its really nasty thing.Go in uninstall settings and delete them.

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    after doing the things explain by alfa also clean registry key
    u can use any registry cleaner i have use reginout that worked for me

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