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Thread: Combine multiple PDFs into one multi-page Adobe Acrobat

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    Combine multiple PDFs into one multi-page Adobe Acrobat

    Building a question I addressed a reader, step by telling how to combine multiple files into a single document but ordering pages in hand.

    1. The first thing to do is open Acrobat and go to File-> Create PDF-> Merge files into one PDF. Or we can go to File-> Merge-> Merge files into one PDF. The effect is the same. Acrobat documents alphabetically ordered us automatically.
    2. From the window that appears you can select all individual files we want to join (either from different sources or from specific folders.)
    3. At the bottom of this window you will find all the buttons that allow you to sort the documents as you want, or select only certain pages of the files you intend to include.
    4. Selecting a document that we added, we can turn up or changing the order him down through the green arrows on the left. In our case, the document "b" does not follow the desired order (because I have misplaced that I quoted as an example), so I order them to go behind the document "abc" as I mentioned.

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    Re: Combine multiple PDFs into one multi-page Adobe Acrobat

    5. Also in this area can also indicate the "size / quality" of PDF that we want to obtain. Understand this "size / quality" as the default settings that Acrobat offers: smaller file size, file size Default and / or file size larger. Therefore, and as our PDF guess we will go to printing choose "file size bigger".
    6. Once we have chosen the options you need to create our new document, click on "combine files." This button will open a ventanta where we name the new document and where we can choose the type of PDF you want to generate (in our case will be as little PDF/X-1a).

    The development of this post has explained the combination of files when they are named alphabetically.

    When the command / file name is numeric my what?

    Nothing, if they are few, combined, and it is also ordered.

    But if we have a lot of files and want to avoid having to sort them by hand, the filenames must be "logical" for the computer.

    Thus if the number of files does not reach the thousands, the solution is as simple as placing two zeros before the first number in the units, a zero in front of dozens and leaving hundreds as they are since your document fails to reach a thousand pages. If so appointed by adding three zeros to the drives, two zeros to the tens, and a zero to hundreds.

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    Re: Combine multiple PDFs into one multi-page Adobe Acrobat

    Since Acrobat automatically sort them so (and therefore would have to sort the files by hand through Acrobat). When we have to "clean up" files is best done from the start assigning proper names to them, to avoid problems later. Another thing is that the files are many, or provide us the other person and whether they come bad name and they are many. In that case, you can use free utilities that our task any easier. You can use renamer4mac for Mac or Advanced Renamer if you use Windows. You can also do it from Bridge from the menu Tools-> Batch Rename.

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