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Thread: How to configure uTorrent and download faster

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    How to configure uTorrent and download faster

    Since, nowadays many users are using the uTorrent for downloading, I thought to provide some tips to configure uTorrent and download faster.

    The installation of uTorrent is very simple. All you have to do is download uTorrent and run.

    Here you can mark where to install the program and where it placed shortcuts to it: on the Start menu, the Quick Access Toolbar or Desktop.

    The first thing you see when you start uTorrent is the next screen.

    This is a wizard to determine the best settings for the capacity of your Internet connection. If you know the rising value of your connection, select from the list that value which comes closest, without going over that amount. If, however, not aware, you can ask your ISP or click on Run speed test, although these tests are not very reliable. The port and talk later. Click on Use selected settings.

    One section of the program options that most interest are the folders to change the path to the downloads. This is configured from the Folders section of the options.uTorrent allows you to differentiate between where you placed the files in progress, and completed downloads. torrent and automatically load. torrent that are in a certain folder.

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    Re: How to configure uTorrent and download faster


    The following paragraph is most important connection, because here is the port used for incoming connections uTorrent. It is strongly recommended that the port is open, ie, if you connect through a router, that port is being redirected to the local address of the computer which is installed uTorrent.

    We talked a while about port redirection , specifically for eMule, but the mechanics are the same for any program. If you still have doubts, the page has a large database of tutorials on how to do this in numerous models of routers and programs, among which includes uTorrent. Therefore, you must enter a port that is being redirected to your computer and in almost all cases we recommend using a random port. If your Windows is connecting to the Internet through a firewall is quite likely that you have to allow access to uTorrent.


    If you chose to use the Startup Wizard, and have a good starting configuration. If not, you can reload it from the Options / Network Wizard or pressing Ctrl + G.In this section there are no universal magic number and valid for everyone, you should find one that works best for you the characteristics of your connection and use that you give uTorrent. In general it is good to have a good leeway in the maximum upload speed because otherwise, it is very likely that your connection is saturated and does not perform to the maximum.

    It is not necessary to limit the discharge unless we happen as we have said before, that uTorrent download so fast you start to saturate the connection and prevent you from surfing the Internet. As for the overall ceiling of maximum number of connections and connected peers per torrent, the optimal value depends on your connection. You can try to modify these values (increased) to see if you get better results, although most of the time there will be any appreciable difference.

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    Re: How to configure uTorrent and download faster


    This section is not as relevant as above, but you should take a look. If you're the type of person who used to download thousands of things at once, then you should increase the Maximum number of active torrents. Furthermore, if you use private trackers which the ratio of download / upload is important, you'll be pleased to determine a maximum number of active downloads less than the previous number (the difference will be the files that will be going up). Similarly, uTorrent gives you the ability to automate the ratio increases by paragraph Serve while.

    Planner (for advanced users only)

    The scheduler is to limit / adjust the bandwidth at various times of day. Each box represents a timeframe of one day a week. Clicking once (light green) states that the speeds are limited to those shown in the tables. Doing it again, click (white box) completely disable uTorrent. The reason for this utility is simple. Although uTorrent uses few computer resources if you eat a lot of bandwidth so your navigation and maybe the other computers that share access (if you are in a local network) will slow down. By the planner can tell uTorrent to work 100% by night and leave more free resources at other times.


    These are more personal preferences, not essential. The first option is if we want to save a copy of the file. The car is used to upload torrents that the program added to the list of download links that we have in a specific folder. To enable this we must create a new folder and drag the links there that we want the program to start. The key leader is an option similar to that of Messenger Plus, which allows to hide the program at the touch of a simple sequence of keys. Click on the blank and then set up a eg CTRL + F.With this option turned on when we open the folder containing the downloaded files can quickly identify files that download was not completed because they will have a uTorrent!!

    If after doing all these steps have a problem and are using a router can verify that all necessary ports are open and properly.

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    Re: How to configure uTorrent and download faster

    You can do this in two ways :
    • Copy files and incomplete downloads. "Torrent" to the other computer, open the program, then open each. "Torrent" individually, and when asked where to save, you say they are saved in that computer folder where you copied, by detecting that already exist, you will check the percentage by far, and continue the download where it left off. This method is for a few downloads, if you have many uses method 2.
    • Copy files to the incomplete downloads folder you have configured the program in another computer as the default download folder, then copy ".Torrent" to the folder you want, open the program, you go to Settings -> Folders, and check the boxes "Automatically load the .torrent" and "Clear .torrent load it, and under specific folder where you are .torrent ", you close the program and reopen it, and now I will discharge you had, you check where they go, and continue downloading. This method is a little more cumbersome than before, but it is best if you have many downloads as they do not have to go one by one loading files.

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