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Thread: Flash uTorrent Web Interface

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    Flash uTorrent Web Interface

    Are you fed up of using the web interface of uTorrent? Do you want to try out the new interface, a flash one? If yes then here is an alternative for WEBUI of uTorrent, the FlashUI. It looks similar to the Windows Application and works on almost every browser which can support Flash Plugin.

    To use FlashUI, you first need to have the WebUI installed on your computer. First download the latest WebUI and installed it on your computer. Then download the latest Flash interface. In order to install FlashUI 0.7 (the latest version), you need at least uTorrent 1.6.1 or higher installed on your computer.

    You are now ready to use FlashUI. It does not have all the features as you can see in WebUI but you will soon find it in this interface.

    Known features that are still not working in FlashUI 0.7 includes:

    1. Files Tab
    2. Adding and changing labels
    3. New Torrent button
    4. Move Up and Down buttons
    5. RSS button

    I hope this information will help you a lot.

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    Re: Flash uTorrent Web Interface

    As far as I know To install the Flash Interface you first need to be using the latest beta build for the WebUI and have the WebUI installed. Not long but important information .

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