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Old 16-06-2010
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what is the make/model of your china mobile phone? Can you try to use some other codes just to check whether your phone supports china mobile codes or not? Here is a list of codes - China Mobile Secret Codes

Do the same as suggested above and let us know whether your phone can support china mobile phone or not. As per the china mobile phone G-five U898 model, what I have heard is that, it doesnt support any games or softwares other than what is preinstalled in the same phone.

Well, the above steps are only for the Chinese mobile that supports .Nes games and yes, i do guess that your mobile doesn't supports .Nes format. So better you try the steps mentioned in the following post: Installing Games In China Mobile, it works in many mobiles.

If still you face any problem, try out the Post # 12 in the same the same thread that contains different method to install, that is Installing Games In China Mobile

Do one thing, just remove your simcard and get out of any WiFi range, so that there should not be any possibility to get connected from your mobile. Now try to enter the code and see what happens. I tried installing the games with the above steps and worked fine on my Chinese mobile..

The above mentioned steps work perfectly only with the China Mobiles that are compatible with .NES games. As you said its giving you an error stating Unknow Application, i guess GFIVE G9000i china TV mobile is not compatible with .NES games. and hence it will not work on your mobile.

This might be due to some conflict of your mobile... It can be fixed by doing the hard reset on your mobile. You can enter "#77218114#" or "#9426*357#" (Without quotes) to reset your china mobile to its factory. But make sure to backup your data from the phone memory or its will be lost as well. For more info see this: How to restore factory setting in china mobile

If still you are not able to see the memory data than i guess your memory card will be currupted. Check it with some another phone or replace it.

I can only understand that sentence made in the reply by you, therefore can you be more specific as to what problem are you facing? What is the make/model of your mobile phone? It seems that most of the apps installed in your device is not supported and hence it is giving such problems. Usually, most of the china mobile phones dont support different applications and games other than the preinstalled ones.

I dont understand what are you trying to justify? Are you asking for any help or do you have the solution for the OP? Can you please elaborate your question as to what you are asking?

Could you please tell us what is the make/model of you mobile phone first? Are you not able to change the language to english by going in to language setting in the mobile phone? Try to factory reset your mobile phone again and once you have done that, after the first boot from your mobile phone you will get a option to select the language, date and time in your mobile.

Which Chinese Phone are using ? Also i would like to make you know that above mentioned steps only work on the phones that are compatible with .Nes formats. If they are not than you will keep getting errors or so. So first ensure this and reply with your Mobile's make / model number.

I think that you mobile phone doesnt supports the .nes game file. You must first know which file format does your mobile phone supports. If your phone has an application that supports java files or some other text containing java then most probably, you can install .jar or .jad type of files on your game, but to be sure, there are only few mobile phones that support java file format.

Is the game installed properly in your phone ? If the phone supports Nes game than it should work properly. Anyways, i'll suggest you to uninstall the game completely and try to install it back with the mentioned steps. If you still get error than post here.

Hey buddy, the above mentioned steps only work if your cell phone is compatible with .Nes game format. If it is not compatible than try out installing java games. you can find some from here Download and install java games in Chinese iPhone - model PT 168

Have you tried installing the .nes game files or either the java game files in your mobile phone and checked whether it supports or not. If it doesnt then it simply means that your mobile phone doesnt support third party applications or games, you will only have to enjoy its built in ones.

I am sure that you can't install other softwares in your mobile phone model version as one of my friend has got the same phone and he is also not able to install anything rather than enjoying the built in software and games.

I guess Maq.H is talking about phone memory. SD actually stands for Storage Drive. But as he has mentioned there that memory card did not have these folders, you have to copy the files in Phone memory somewhere. Try out these steps. Many of my friends have successfully installed games in their Chinese phone. It works.

As per my information, i guess the OS in Karbonn mobile is much similar or equal to chinese phones. Installing games in these phones should be similar like we do in other mobiles. First transfer game setup to the phone via pc suite and run the file. thats it.

Am not able to trace why is it happening with you all guys,, as it worked fine with my China MT mobile. Make sure that your mobile is compatible with .Nes games because the steps mentioned above only works with the nes format compatible mobile. Also try to install after restarting the mobile.

Installation process are same in every chinese phones, what differs is the process depending on the game formats the phone is compatible with. First of all find out that which game format it supports. If it is compatible with Nes games than follow the steps mentioned in this thread.

Well i think W902 is compatible with Nes games and hence it sjould work on your mobile. But what error are you getting while unzipping the file? Just try another browser for the same or install winrar on your system adn than unzip the file. It is working fine, i just checked it.

If you are getting the said error than its sure that your cell is not compatible with Nes games. Try out some java games.

I think there is no option to install games or K560 is not compatible with any external games or application. Well, this is as per my knowledge. In addition, you should take help from the Karbonn Mobile Customer service executive regarding the same. Hope they can help you in anyway. You can contact them on the following number:
Phone: 080 41378858

The steps mentioned by Maq.h do only work if the phone is compatible with .NES games.If your phone supports some another formats like Java games .jar format than it will not work at all. As you said those steps wont work on your Chinese n95 than try out some java games. Hope it works. Do reply the results.

If you want more game for you chinese version of mobile phone then have you tried installing java game files with .jar file and .jad files. It might be possible that this file format of games would support your device, so try installing them and read more about it from this topic - Installing Games In China Mobile
Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile
Best NES Games for china mobile

Installation process is same as mentioned in the very first post of this thread. First make sure that your mobile is compatible with the Nes game format. If it is not than the steps will not work.

Basically you will have to first search that does your mobile supports java. If it is then it is possible to run different applications on the mobile phone. China phone does not supports different games and application due to absent of application manager. I found some phones support .nes files. Try them on your phone and see that whether it works or not.

Sad to say that but the mentioned steps only works if your phone is compatible with .Nes games. If it is not working than its sure that your mobile doesn't supports Nes format. You should try installing JAVA games on your mobile it should work.

Before installing the games you have to check that your phone is compatible or not with the game format. It can be java or nes. There are various steps to install games in china phone. A simple way is just go to the memory card and then go in the games folder. In that you have to copy the .nes files directly. No just go the game section and start playing.

As per my knowledge none of the Chinese touch screen phone is compatible with .nes format games. They usually supports Java games. And the above mentioned steps are just for the mobiles that supports nes games. Unfortunately, it will not work on your cell brother. Am trying to find out some sure way to install java games as well for china mobile. Will post soon.

If you are using the China mobile phone and looking for a web browser then i will advise you to install the "KongZhong Opera" which is developed to work with the China Phone. This is developed by the KongZhong Corporation which is one of the leading Chinese wireless service provider. I have installed the same into browser into my china phone and it is working fine with the same. So if you can then download the same and see whether you are getting it work with the your system or not.

I suppose, the .nes games are not supported in your mobile phone then. You need to check out by installing other game file formats, like installing the .jar file games in your mobile phone. If this file format is also not supported then you have to stick to your inbulit games and apps only, as most of the china mobile phone dont support third party apps.

As far as playing MP4 videos on your China 97i, I think that most of the China mobiles are low quality products developed from the manufactures just for fulfilling the needs of the common man who are not able to buy a smart phone that has all the features in it, due to their cost. The China mobile phones are developed to have some good quality as well as some bad quality. They will contain something but will not have the other, so according to me that don't support the mp4 videos as they do support the other videos which you have mentioned. And yes this mobile do have support for some games and themes and for getting games and themes, you can easily download form the web and can install and then play on your mobile.

You cannot install games on china cell phone because the china cell phones supports only the .nes games. But other than the .nes games which is the only format supported by china phones you cannot install other games on your cell phones. Installation is simple get the PC suite for you phone install it on your system and connect your cell phone to your computer in the PC suite mode. In the PC Suite application find the file double click it and follow the prompt on your china Phone. Hope this helps.

I had never used this phone but what i can say is Chinese phones do support only 2 formats of games, nes and java games. Probably they are compatible with Nes format. So, i'll suggest you to download a Nes game and try to install it on your device. If it wont work than you have the second option for sure, JAVA.

Did you try following the method given in this same topic on installing .nes games in your china mobile phone? Does your mobile phone supports usb pc connection or so? Incase if the .nes game are not supported in your device then try installing the java games.

As per my knowledge, i dont think Opera Mini or Opera Mobile is available in Nes format. It is available in .sis, .sisx and .jar format. First check with your phone if it is compatible with java apps. If it is, than download Opera in jar format and go on, install it on your device.

You can only install opera in jar or jad format. I have seen many people with opera on their china mobile but i dint found it anywhere on web in jar. Hope you can get it on mobiles24. Just search their. They have tons of apps in jar and jad.

Above mentioned steps only works if your china device is compatible with .nes games / format. If it is not, than you wont be able to install games with those steps. WHat you can do is try installing some java games or apps. They may work on your phone.

I am not aware of the China Mobile feature and website related to same but while searching for same i have got two post which is having the description regarding the same. I am not using the China Phone so not having knowledge for same. So if you can then go through the same and see whether this is working for you or not.

To play games first condition is that your phone must support JAVA. The games which you are using right now are not java based. You have to download java games for china iphone 3g.There are ample of sites which you provide you this. But there is no guarantee that this will work on your phone or not. Simply try to download fresh java games and try. Try to download the same from getjar.

Actually the above mentioned steps only work if your phone is compatible with .NES games, if it is not than it will not work. There are many devices that wont supports NES format. What is your device Model ?

There are many games/apps that are said to be free but actually they are made for advertising. Hence it always asks for internet connection. You can try to download some games/apps that are indeed free. Try some sites like gallery9 or mobiles24.

Well, as i can see there are many people in this thread who faced the same problem while following these steps on Chinese E71. So, i guess E71 is not compatible with NES games. And as mentioned in the very first post, the steps will not work if the phone is not compatible with Nes format. You should try installing some java games.

Even i dont have any idea what to do after this code (*#220807#) but what you can do is, leave from this screen and check your folders if the game is appearing there or not. Check the folder that is your default installation folder.

Incase if both java games and .nes games are not working on your china mobile phone then maybe it is possible that your phone doesnt supports third party applications and only inbuilt games can be played on it. One other thing you can do is try to find the games from the mobile's inbuilt browser or more game sections and check whether you can download it from their and install the games on your mobile or not.

What kind of java games are you trying to install on your pchina mobile phone? The thing might be that though you can copy java games in your mobile phone but at the time of installation if it is saying that it is incompatible then it simply means that the game in not supportive in your mobile phone.

Installation process for Nes games is same as mentioned in the very post of this article. Just go through the process as mentioned there. If you get any error, than make sure your device is compatible with nes format. If it is not you wont be able to install nes games. Rather try Java games.

Do you have a memory card in your mobile phone? If you dont have then add one, connect your mobile phone to your computer and then open Windows Explorer or My computer. In their, you will find out a new physical drive which will be none other than the mobile phone memory card. Copy the nes games inside that folder and disconnect your phone. Now, in your phone browse to the locations where you have copied the file and either install it or play it directly.

Well, getting difficulties to understand your english, but as i guess, you are saying that you have successfully installed Nes games on your memory card but its not working. If am right than, i think the game is either not installed properly or its not compatible with the device. Do try some another game and see if it is working properly.

The short way for this is copying the nes games in the memory card. First search for nes files. You will find the same on internet. It is better if you can search for nintendo games. They are much better. Then you can simply copy them to the game folder in the memory. Insert the memory card in your phone and copy the game from there to the phone game memory. Then run the game. It works most of the time.
Install NES in China Phone

Hey dude,, above mentioned steps are only for Chinese Mobiles. You cannot count Micromax devices in Chinese phone. Hence those steps will not work with your device, also it wont support NES formats. You can simply try any of jar files or java games/ apps. You can install them without any problem. Go ahead and download java games and apps.

Welcome to the forums. If you want you can simply go to these threads here and see if that can make a difference in your case. You did not get the steps working here and if you want you can try the steps that are there on these links and let me know if you get something working for you. Installing Games in China Mobile and if not that then you can go for Help installing games in china mobile.

Before doing this, make sure your device is compatible with Nes format and you are not connected to GPRS or under WIFI zone.

I am sorry to say that your phone is not at all supported to pc connection even though trying so many attempts that you have noted. Most of the china mobile phone doesnt have a manufacturer behind them and thus they lack software support or even hard support once they are damaged. The life span of this kind of mobile phone is also for few days and hence it comes at very cheap rate. The software or games that are inbuilt in this mobile phone can be the only things that can be utilized, other than that no third party apps or games are supported.

I downloaded the zip file, extract the folders, went to the phone, restarted the phone and entered * # 66 * #, but the phone says unknown application. I know the SD card included with the files. Nep and I'm sure almnost must support. NES games ... so the question is: can happen that other missing files, or is that another method? Thanks

The method described is the correct one but the problem remains in the different model of china mobile phone that do not support .nes games. You could try to install .jar file games into you mobile phone which might work, but that all depends on the mobile phone compatibility again.

Which china mobile phone model do you have. You would want to check your china mobile manual to find out whether it supports third party applications and games support or not.

Have you activated the gprs settings on your mobile phone? Check and ask for it from your mobile phone service provider and after activating it, you can simply surf internet on your mobile phone. As for installing nes games, check the first post of this thread, a step by step tutorial is provided. Incase if new games are not working on your china mobile then try to install jar file games.

how i activate gprs if no option says gprs in my mobile c1000 model

In order to activate GPRS on your mobile, simply call your network provider customer care and ask them to send the settings. They will send you GPRS settings via SMS, go to SMS options and select SAVE. Thats it.

Note: It depends, if your mobile is listed with them, than only you will get the settings.
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

Any external links are not allowed on this forum, hence the links has been removed. Alternatively, you can take the screenshot and do attache it with the post rather than posting links apart from any official site.
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Old 14-07-2010
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I am also finding a similar way for that. I have a full touch screen phone which I am using from some months. On that when I keep pressing the star button it gives out the proper output. And same the plug sign for the hash button. But I am not able to figure out that why your phone lack this. Can you see any keyboard option on the screen.

Yeah, there are many games and themes available for China A968 TV mobile phone. Games like Prince of Persia, NFS pro, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and many more. You just need to do little search on Google. The site i can suggest you for the games and themes is umnet.com for your mobile model.
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Old 29-07-2010
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

<sorry, my English is really bad >

really make a big improvement, indeed, that my mobile reacts somehow (I tried many methods before but get nothing)
But I don't know what to do next?

*#66*# >> a window (that read "Factory mode") comes out with many options to test the mobile: keyboard, vibrator, LED, LCD.... there's an option "Echo loop", that makes a looping noise when I turn it on.

*#220807# >> another window comes out (never seen it before) with many ???????? , font error, I think.

for example:
MRP NES ????????
and a list of games, I suppose so, because they have some icon next to them (skull, cat, stone, ufo.. ) but none of them works

>.< I'm nearly done, help me out,please!!!!
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Old 12-08-2010
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

You can download the PC suite for your chinese phone from the very first post of this thread: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite . To download games for the same, go through the following posts:
Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile
Best NES Games for china mobile
Games for china mobile nktel A200

Do not get confused with mobile's model numbers as there is no different games or PC suite for every different model. it works in all chines phones. If you get any error or problem in installing the same, please do reply here.
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Old 20-08-2010
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

As per i know, Chines Qwerty E71 I.Pro phone is the one that rarely allows to install any external themes or games. Also make sure that your system is compatible with the .Nes format than only the above mentioned steps will work. This steps pop up with any error message while performing the devices that are not compatible with .Nes format.
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Old 31-08-2010
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hey i do all correctly and i type this code * # 220 807 # but i can't read thatlanguage becours it has squa font...what i do to solve this problem....after type * # 220 807 # what to do next....

i typed the code *#66*# and a text saying not availabe appeared.then i tried the second coge and a blue screen appeared.i think my phone doesnt support the chinese language.only boxes appeared instead of test.i opened some icons and a loading appeared but the bar doesnt increse.please tell me what to do............

I have tried it many times but .NES file not working in my fxd t33i. Please suggest.

my mobile is chinese Nokia E71i, the process you have told is not working in my cell. Please help, and one more problem is there the bettery gose down so fast when im using original nokia bettery.

Chinese phone supports NES games, because typing * # 220 807 # the nes message pop out , but i still can't play my games , i don't know what i missing , please help

The download -- " Game Solution For China Mobile-Fresh File.rar (3.63 MB, 2304 views) " -- as provided by Maq.H does indeed work for me and I was able to copy and open the Tetris.nes game onto my Chinese Cell phone. However, the game is working abruptly (well, thats a different piece of story altogether). So, to conclude, the game does work and the step-by-step instructions along with the screenshot provided are indeed very precise and helpful.

my phone is h802 MT6235 , i tried to do your way but no luck , please any help , i can't not see my phone anywhere in this forum , thanks

thank you my friend , i was thinking because my phone is h802 MT6235 is from china too is not gonna work with java , but i tried today and it works . thanks again

i have a imitation of iphone which i bought from china. it dosent support any type of games at all.

I have Gright C200 i need to install games in it

Hey I am using colors q1 mobile and its supporting which of the version...i m not known ....so all people round there please help me n i wouid be grateful to you alll.........

bro it doesnt work on my cect a200... i copy the folders to my memory card but nothing happens... i use card reader to copy the files... pls help i want games on my mobile...
how to Play games on My Phone M12

what is Chinese cell phone SD

my phone is (MY PHONE M12) and its full capacity is only 512kb so there is no space.Give me a new idea.

ido all sgessionchina mobail game but its not work ple. give me perfect advaice

I had taken karbonn k560 mobile and ....Please help me in installing the games..and also how to know which os it works on?....please help...how to install games in karbonn k560????

the prob there is not the emu in the game section as they says, there is only motion game that contain dice and step recorder,

when i put *#66*# and yes i get your request is bing processed please wait. and when i put *#220807# i get not available.

and when i try to install java it tell me java instalation fail via phone suite.
please if you can tell how can i install game and from were

the phone is only e71 and has a dual sim and tv etc...

hi, my phone model is chang jiang a918 cdma + gsm china mobile. *#66*# no is work on my mobile but i am face difficulty in last step where pressing the no. *#220807#, there is no window open.

i have problem a bout installing games in my china mobile Nokia8 how to install games on this kind of china mobile ?

im usin w902(china set)hoe can i install games.i hav tried unzippin da file.nt workin.

I ve tried ur china mobile game solution and did exactly as u told but i ve still that problem, my cell phone is HXD 5130 when I open any .nes game it says not supported.

firstly many thanks to you about this site and i need to know some other application for china G TIDE M9 instead of thems and games

I tried to install java,.nes games on K560 Karbonn mobile,but it snot working..please help

hi every1 i have ken xin da K900+ dual sim china
i cant open any files of "jar"

Well, i have a nokia n95 8gb clone and i can't install games or apps on it i tried the technique of maq.h but the when i write the numbers i don't get anything and i even tried all the "GAMES" and alike techniques but i can't make games to work so pls elp me :/ .

- i bought a N5800 mini..that comes with a detachable keypad..

- i tried putting the files on cellphone SD but its only 250Kb? the file size is arount 3-4Mb and it can't fit..
- i tried putting in the in memory SD instead and still didn't work

- when i pressed *#66*# > echo loop>on
then pressed *#220807# nothing happened..no menu displayed or anything..just on the dialing menu..

the java thing i already tried using pc sync manager but when i try to install a .jad or .jar file it shows a message saying "java install fail" or somethin like this.Have some one been able to use that function to install a java game on, chinese phone?Or do you have any other thing i can try?


Hi Maq.H i have a replica of nokia 6300 china phone please help installing a .nes games

how do i install this in my CHERRY MOBILE S11?? its format is china

i've tried many all the instructions but it won't work, maybe this cellphone won't support Nes games

which format file does the ChangJiang A969 mobile can read or can we install ? any one please? help

hello friend...........the given method didnt wrk n my phone:crybaby: my phone is wespro3708i. can u help me out......::ohmy: thnx

hey im not able to install games by this method can it be explain briefly

when i opened these maq.h attached files when i opened these files in my phone is restarting and the games are not loading i have tried this steps for 3 to 4 times but i am :no: unable to open these games and one more thing i want to say that my phone kc-k91 is touch screen and it is not having any number keys:ohmy:

my phone is n77 a chinese phone, i try ur game solution but its not work for my phone, pls can u help me to install games in ny phone? sems so can help me for this.. tnks.....:help: :help: :help: :help:

installed games in my phone.the model is n77, i see some codes in the post and i type the code *#66*# it appears the version info. the

platform version:

hardware v:

base v:
main lcd: ILI9225B

have n77 a china made. i tried a steps above but its not working to my phone. i extract the file to my phone sd and restart it.then i type the code *#66*# and it appear only the version info. No appears ECHO LOOP CYCLE ECO Or press the switch or ON (green button) pls help me..

having china nokia 97i and i was wondering if i can change the themes and can run the games on my mobile. my mobile support dual sim, 8gb mem card, mp4, avi , 3gp video. but some mp4 is not playeble it said invalid video. any ways if any one is having any idea about my phone then plz post.

I have a G Five Mini E71 mobile phone, but i trying to install games and this not enabled in my phone, help me please...

what does game simulator means? my china phone ztc n73

does ztc n73 supports nes games? does anyone installed games succesfully in their ztc n73?

thanks in advance..

I tried maq.h instructions.. but when i typed the code "* # 220 807 #" nothing happened... i was getting excited because i unzipped the file sucessfully and transferred it to my Memory card and then typed * # 220 807 # but..... nothing happened.... waaaaaa :(

hi guys i'm lekki i have a E98 china fhone pls help me to put some games pls tnx

Its observed that that tip wont work for many chinese models. So is there any other way for the same.

my mobile is g'five g730 ,please tell me how to install opera mini in my mobile

How to install opera mini in chinese mobile, which format works on it. Its g'five g730 nd its nt java

i downloaded the file and sent to my memory card but when i restart the phone i type

#66*# it said that unknown application
when i type the other code it started connecting to gps
i have china iPhone 4 but it also dont have wifi

just bought china iphone4g from bangkok. it does not even has a wifi nor games! i tried to download games but it didn't work on my phone!
can u plz tell me how to do and also email me :id : mohammadnafai@live.com

also my phone memory is too small only 500kb
i have a memory card of 2gb

how to check if i have nes.games / format or not? it has java player in it !
it also hv games but they only work through internet
it is china iPhone 4g mt6225

how can install java games ? can u tell me anywebsite for it?
i have china iphone 4g mt6225!!!:thumbup1: :no: :no:

i have gee pee 3350, mith chipset mt6225
i tried to ue js sis and even nes in my phone as stated in this forum but none helped
can anyone help me to install games or themes or applications on my phone

why i cant install it in my china iphone 3g?
i m using china iphone 32gb
model no:A1241 FCC ID:BCGA1241 IC ID579C-A1241
why i cant play the games in this phone?when i launched the games,there was stated 'please install your java games'
anyone please help me to solve this problem??...
and how m i going to install the game for this phone?

hy...... i have tried all these above steps but still nothing happened.... i have NKTEL-A200.... i also entered code i-e *#66*# but nothing happened.......... plz plzzzzzzzzzz help me

i have java player inside my china 4g
i downloaded some games but they need internet can anyone tell me any free website that i can play in my phone without internet!!!bcz my phone dont have wifiiii

i can't seem to find the message after i input the * # 66 * # on my MOS E71 china phone.....what should i do??
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

How do i get opera or any other browser and install for a968 china and T-Series (T-350) T-Screen mobile ?
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Old 21-12-2010
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

Download the attached ZIP file with this post and unzip it anywhere on your hard drive.

The folder FOR THE CHINA MOBILE SD, contains the following folders, as shown in the image:

Replace these folders in the Chinese cell phone SD, memory SD did not have these folders.

Restart the phone and type the following code: # 66 #, waiting to come out a window in that window where it says you are going to ECHO LOOP CYCLE ECO Or press the switch or ON (green button).

Quit selling out pressing the button or cancel call.

Type the following code: # 220 807 #. Done.

If the Chinese phone supports NES games, be sure that NES games will appear in the SD. The games folder on the SD memory is Mytrhoad / NES.

This trick really worked for me. If it works for you than dont forget to comment here so that everyone has their experience, if it did not work, just comment it leave the make and model of phone to find out which makes it and what?s not.
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i did all the steps you said.. and it work but then what will i do after i dial * # 220 807 #?does it automatically allow me to download games?

i think im almost done... what will i do after *#220807#?all i can understand is nes and QQ the rest are all chinese character... how can i confirm the application?

hi my phone is mt6235 phone 3gs
i canot run the java geme i install it and it not working
and i canot run the nes gem

but my phone suppert jave i can install java geme but after the game is upload the furst screm i canot play its dosent mov?

can you see meby i need to install a difrent kind of java?

i have g five china mobile W520 hw to install .nes game

i canot conct mi mt6235 to the pc menger i olwes get the driver informashein messg i have xp i tried all the driver it can read the sim but canot read the pohne
still no lak in insaall java geme

i have memori card i put all the game i cdont ahve the option to install the nes game and the java game i install but the instalisin is finsh the game first page is on and i canot ply

i have try .nes games on my micromax q2+ mobile.it doesn't work! there is not enough memory in mobile sd to copy zip files i also try to copy zip files to memory sd after dialing *#220807# it gives block language screen so that i can't find games. mostly when i click any icon it trying to connect internetplease give proper solutn for micromax q2 games

my mobile is micromax q2+ what will i do?

@Maq.H: I don't know what is written (squares all around. ) but I do know this is the start.
Do share any other trick if you know. I'll contact you after completion of whatever is going on....
btw my phone is G'Right L600.

this steps didnt work on my phone
-my phone model is NOKIA E2
it is a china phone
can anyone help make the games work in my phone

hello dude, mine is china phone mren c3000.. when * # 66 * # a menu comes out i cant goon.. also, i bought a new sd coz the original got corrupted do i need to format it by the phone...hope u could help....

recently i purchased B200 china mobile. i tried a lot to connect this phone to pc and tried more the a lot to download games in phone (with different methods).

mines nktel a200 How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

you can see the model on this link

it doesn't have any manual . it is low cost(32USD) but three sim supported phone. it has a usb port and Blue tooth connectivity too. when i connect my phone to PC through usb cable it connects as Udisk and shows only my memory card inside the phone.
when i turn on my bluetooth it connects to my phone and shows com12 and com13 but neither Phonesuit nor PC-sync-manager connects to my phone . i tried many procedures to download jar, nes games into phone but no results. i tried also many codes but phone didn't accept. is there any way like AT command or any thing else.
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

What you saying ? I just clicked the attachment and got a zip file with the size of 3.67 MB. And also working properly.

Make sure you have the rar. or zip application installed on your system.

I tried installing many games on my China Mobile phone using these steps and they are working properly.

But note that it may differ with model to model. Mine is Yxtel 850 and its working.

Which model you are using ?

What is the problem you are facing ? I meant any kind of error, file not opening, file not supported, etc.. ?

Please mention it in details to assist you better. I tried it on my 3 different model china mobile and it is working. Do reply .

Yeah, there are many games and themes available for China A968 TV mobile phone. Games like Prince of Persia, NFS pro, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and many more. You just need to do little search on Google. The site i can suggest you for the games and themes is umnet.com for your mobile model.

How is that possible.. ? Its not the code to get connected with internet. Anyways, get out of range of your Wifi or wireless connection and remove your simcard to avoid getting connected to internet and now try the codes.. It works. I had tried those steps.

Try to download it from internet explorer browser. Actually if you are using any download managers or third party tools then you are supposed to get the file corrupted. I downloaded it from my internet explorer browser and extracted the file with winrar tools without any issues.

The download link is working properly. Many time you will get a error when you click on the download. But as you refresh the page you can get the download link working. I had myself just downloaded the same. The link is not dead. Clear your web page cookies and then reload the page back. It will work.

Am sorry guys, i just checked it and found that the file is really got corrupted. It is giving some error while extracting the files. Anyways, i'll try to find out the direct link for those files and upload here as soon as possible.

Why you are not able to enter the code ? I meant, is there any error you getting or any other problem ? Please specify, what issue you are facing.

I tried to install the game in my China mobile and dint fount any difficulty in between the said process. Do reply soon.

Thanks for making us know that you are using KA08 mini, but what is that you dint got ?

Have tried to install games and you are unable or anything else? Please specify.

Sorry mate, am unable to understand your problem properly, what did you open and where are you getting those option ?

Well, I have never heard about the China mobile Mx457g model version before, so check either in its manual or brochure whether it supports multimedia task and all? Can you tell us about its features as well, also did you get any usb cord alongwith the mobile phone in its box, does it has a usb port? It would be good if you can also post a pic of your mobile phone. Thank you.

I think that your cell phone is not supporting the format of the application that is why you are unable to make the same. So you have to work with the PC suit of the phone and then install the game with the same.

First of all Hi and Welcome to Techarena, ophelle. After copying the files and restarting the mobile phone, you need to enter the following code "* # 66 * #" (without quotes) and a windows will appear with some notification. This should work on every .NES format supported Chinese Mobiles. If it is not doing on your mobile, might be it is not compatible with the same.

I am not sure about the same. I have a FXD T33I phone which I had purchased some months before. I am also searching for the application for this but does not found any. There was post on this forum which says that it is not possible to install application in that because there is no application manager provided on this phones.

I think that your device doesnt support .nes games and therefore you should try installing java based games or applications on your device. You see, most of the devices these days dont support different file formats and that is why you need to do some research and development on your own to know which file format does it really supports? Could you tell us which platform does your device comes from?

Well, most of the china mobile phone dont support .nes file format games or either java games. You can try to, however install and test which file format of the game does your mobile phone support, try to install .jar or .jad file format game on your china mobile phone, try installing .sis file as well on your phone, that is supported on most of the nokia phones, let us know your results.

I have never used any touchscreen China mobile but had used Nokia 5800 and few more touchscreen phones but there is '*' and '#' buttons on the screen itself when we open the dialler. Please check it properly scrolling up and down, it should be there as it is the part of the number pad.

I think that most of the china mobile phones dont accept all the codes in the world. Also, you dont have to hold the star button "*" for long time, just press it once. Other ways to get the star button is by going in to message area and pressing it their and then copying it and appyling or pasting it on the screen to get the code working. In any case, I suppose if it is a touch screen mobile phone, then shouldnt it has got the touch keypad inside where you have to press the keys with your fingers?

I think there might be some problem with your screen while touching because if we press '*' once it gives '*', if it is pressed twice consecutively than it gives '+', if thrice than 'p' and if 4 times than 'w'. There might be some mistake while pressing the button. Try to do this with the styles. Also you dont need to press and hold '#' button, just press and leave it to get the hash sign.

The steps mentioned in the very first post of this thread is the best and working in almost every china mobile that supports .nes games. Anyways, i do agree that you are unable to do so, but would like to suggest you that please post the error message you are getting during this process. This will help users to assist you better.

There can be two assumption behind this. The first one is that the game resolution does not fit the mobile due to which you can see a white screen. On that you can simply cannot change the resolution screen. The other issue is that the files which you are using does not support your phone. Games on China phone are really very buggy and due to that such issue occures. Try some other games.

White (blank) screen doesn't means that your mobile is not supported for .Nes games. If it is not compatible with the same, you won't have been able to install any .Nes games at start. It might be some other problem. May the game setup you tried have been corrupt. I'll suggest you to please let us know whats your Mobile Model Number is. This will help us to assist you better.

The phone model which you are talking about does not have a application manager there. Due to which you can work with Nes games. But you can give a last try by checking that your phone has a java support or not. Copy some jar files in your phone and check that. If that runs then you can run jar games. But there are really very rare cases where this thing works.

For installing games, had you tried the steps mentioned in the very first post of this thread ? It should work. I have tried it on 3 different Chinese phones and it works. Secondly, are you getting any error message while playing video files ? What is the format of the Video files you are trying to play? Try to convert the video in some another format like Mp4 or 3gpp and than try to play the same.

As you have already tried to install many game or application that have different file formats, hence it seems that your mobile phone wont install any file rather than the built-in ones. You will have to check its specifications and details to get an idea about what type of file formats does it supports.

As you have already tried to install many game or application that have different file formats, hence it seems that your mobile phone wont install any file rather than the built-in ones. You will have to check its specifications and details to get an idea about what type of file formats does it supports.

I assume that you cannot install any third party apps or games in your china phone C1000 apart from using the built in ones. You see, most of the china phones dont support different file formats of the games and apps. As they are made out of cheap quality hardware and software, therefore you cant depend more on these kinda of mobile phones.

This is a major problem with china mobile phones that they are not supportive. Actually, some of the china phone support .nes game files and also .jar games file, but some of those dont. There doesnt seem to be a proper manufacturer for this kind of mobile phones and hence they lack support for such software and game installations.

Normally, pc suites for all china mobile phone are one and the same and they dont differ for any specific model device. Also, most of the china mobile phone dont support third party software, apart from the built in ones, so opera or gtalk wont work on your device. You can try to install pc suite and check whether it works for you or not - China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

While performing the said steps, remember to remove your simcard that has GPRS Enabled and also be away from any Wlan network. SO that when you enter *#220807# code, the phone should not have any time chance to get online.

What you do you meant by Traditional game ? Anyways, no mater whichever games are they, the only game format that chinese mobile is compatible with is .Nes and some of them also support Java games. If that traditional game is either .nes or java, than you can have it on your chinese phone but in order to install, you can follow the above steps only for the .Nes games and not others

is their anybody can help me// how i can install games of my n98+,,
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

China Mobiles don't support .jar or .sis. files. It requires .NES format.
Here is a step by step procedure-
1. Download / search .NES games on your computer ( nitando games r much better),
2. Then copy .NES files to the game folder on memory card,
3. Simply open the game folder of your phone memory there will be a shortcut of the game you have installed. If not then just move or copy it on game folder in phone memory.
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from beriso , My Mobile phone is c1000+. Is that possible to install any games, internet and themes there?

How to install internet, NES. games in china mobile model c1000+.so my email id is bergem8@gmail.com so email me step by step.please......

when i press *#220807# my phone was not connected to the internet.and i can't see anything.my phone model:c1000+.

beriso, how to install or activate intenrnet service on c1000+ model

when i press *#220807# my phone was not connected to the internet.and i can't see anything.my phone model:c1000+.
to install internet = when i inter service=i got STK AND BROWSER= THEN WHEN I INTER BROWSER = I GOT url, homepage,bookmarks, histories, snapshoot,wap setting. so send me how i install or connet
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i entered the code *#66# . nothing happend,
then i entered *#220807# a window appeared but font was not supported, what should i do
i have "T-ONE L 700"

i dont get any response on first code but i get a window on 2nd one but characters appear like boxes, font is not supported. help?????
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Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

Hey mate... those mentioned steps will work only if your mobile is compatible with .NES games. If it is not than there is possibilities that those steps will not work. Hence, i'd suggest you to download some java games and try to install. See if it works.
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