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Thread: How Do I Go From Grayscale to Color?

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    How Do I Go From Grayscale to Color?

    The following tip will help you to change your texture from Grayscale to Color in Photoshop. Many people don't know how to do that with the textures. The following points will definitely help those :

    • Import the first texture that you'll use it as a background image and then import the image into your document face.

    • Then go to Menu> Image> Adjustments> Threshold.

    • Take the magic wand tool (W) and click on the white area of the image and press the delete button on your keyboard do not hesitate to do so in different places, even the smallest point should come.

    • Now take the eraser tool (E) and delete the following Parts. Then with the brush tool (B) and the brush that you downloaded the pack with the previous draw spots of paint like this.

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    Re: How Do I Go From Grayscale to Color?

    • Import the following texture in your document

    • After that you will have to change its blending mode to Overlay.

    • Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and using the paint bucket tool (G) fill it with the white, then go to Menu> Filter> Render> Lighting

    • Then go to Menu> Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur

    • Then again change its blending mode to Overlay

    • Import the final texture in your paper.

    • Finally add a gradient fill layer by going to Menu> Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient

    • Change its blending mode to Soft Light

    • And now the final result.

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