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Thread: Show the weather in the Windows 7 taskbar

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    Show the weather in the Windows 7 taskbar

    If you like to watch the weather in your city and view the coming days on your computer, you can use the weather gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    The problem is that this gadget is displayed on the desktop. With the free Meteo Fusion , you can directly integrate the weather in the Windows taskbar. Longer have to switch on the desktop to see the weather forecast: you have permanently under the eyes.

    Installing Meteo Fusion:

    Meteo Fusion lets you know the weather at home and live in the next ten days, or the weather in France during the week by different cards. Including the ability to embed a window (whose appearance is changed) on your desktop to have a constant eye on the weather outside. Another highlight of this software is probably the possibility of being able to minimize in the notification area, then the software indicating the temperature near the Windows clock.

    Meteo Fusion is a free program you can download from here.

    1. Once the download is complete, click the Run button.

    2. Select language French and click OK.

    3. In the wizard that opens, click Next.

    4. Select the I understand and accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.

    5. Click Next three times then click Install.

    6. Once the file copying finished, click Finish.

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    Re: Show the weather in the Windows 7 taskbar

    Choose your city:

    Meteo Fusion is then performed but displays no information. To do this, you must specify the city where you want to know the weather.

    1. Meteo Fusion in the window, click the Tools menu and click Options.

    2. In the Cities of Weather Information tab, select Enter town.

    3. Click Find City.

    4. Enter the name of your city and click the magnifying glass.

    5. Click on the corresponding city found and click the Select button.

    6. Then click the OK button.

    7. Click on Update: The weather for your city is displayed in the software.

    8. Open the tab to display the forecast 10 days forecast.

    Automatically reduce the weather in the taskbar:

    Meteo Fusion allows you to be automatically executed at Windows startup and display the weather in the notification area, next to the clock.

    1. When you close the window Meteo Fusion, the weather is displayed on the desktop.

    2. It is also displayed in the notification area next to the clock. Temperature and time icon are displayed alternately. The advantage of this information is that you constantly under the eyes.

    3. Mouse over a few seconds: the time and temperature are displayed.

    4. Double click the icon to open Meteo Fusion.

    5. Click the Tools menu and click Options.

    6. Open the Notification Area tab.

    7. Instead of alternating images of time and temperature in the notification area, you can display an icon for each of these information. Select this option to show two icons.

    8. Below, you can change the font, size and color temperature to suit your desktop.

    9. Then open the General tab.

    10. Check the boxes when you start Windows and In the notification area.

    11. Open the Desktop tab. Then uncheck the Show the weather on the desktop to stop showing the weather on the desktop and keep only in the taskbar.

    12. Then press OK to. Meteo Fusion will be launched automatically at Windows startup and will display the weather directly in the taskbar.

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    Re: Show the weather in the Windows 7 taskbar

    The software is based on projected Site Weather . com and offers information in several forms: in addition to the widget that summarizes the current weather conditions and forecasts for the next four days, double-click the tray icon opens a window that can display more detailed information (wind, dew point, humidity, visibility, barometric pressure and UV Index) and forecasts 10 days, to be taken lightly.

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