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Thread: How to Modify shell32.dll

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    How to Modify shell32.dll


    First of all some people might be not aware of the Shell32.dll and wanted to know about Shell32.dll. So let me explain it first. If you are using the Windows operating system then you might be aware of the icons that are used in the same. So shell32.dll is the file having all the icon which is used in the Shell32.dll. Why we need to Modify Shell32.dll? The modification in the shell32.dll is performed to customize the icon of the Windows operating system and taking control over it so that you can modify the icon as per your preferences. Here I am using the Windows X P and the Resource Hacker for the Modification of the Shell32.dll. By this way I can customize icon of my Computer.

    Advantage of using Resource Hacker for modification in Shell32.dll:

    • There are lots of software available in the market that are used for the modifying the shell32.dll file. But they are expensive. I am using the Resource Hacker because it is having the functionality to save the Dll file that I am going to modify so that I can use it for the future need without hacking the same again.

    Demerits with the Tutorial:
    • If you are the new user and not having enough knowledge the this is little difficult for you to understand the steps involve in the shell32.dll modification.
    • This process can cause the system functionality do it is advisable that you should take the backup of computer before proceeding further.

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    Re: How to Modify shell32.dll

    Get Started:

    Important note:
    • First off all make the download of the Resource Hacker file which is the most important for this procedure.
    • You also need to Winrar as most of the file needs to be extracted during the process.
    • Download the icon of your choice from the Internet so that you can set that icon on your choice
    • Download the attachment which I have given below as it is having the most common dll file.
    • Take a print out of this tutorial might be helpful in the safe mode.
    • And the Most important thing is to take the backup of data

    Start Modification:

    1. Lets start with the extraction of file to the new folder name as “My Icon” in The “My Document” Folder.
    2. Start with the Resource Hacker Tool. Just extract the Resource Hacker file which you have downloaded. And then double click on 'ResHacker.exe' which will start the Resource hacker.
    3. In Resource Hacker just open the file from the ‘C:\windows\system32\shell32” which is the my file extension where the Windows XP is installed. You can change the drive as per your OS installation.
    4. Enter on the Shell32.Dll which will open the file in the Resource Hacker which
    5. will look like this.
    6. As I am trying to replace the icons from the shell32.dll I am clicking on the ‘+’ on the icon Group Folder. So you also do the same.
    7. Now you will see the list of the Icon which are already existing in your system. Now decide which Icon you need to replace and find the number of the file in the attachment which I have given you .
    8. Now go back to the Resource hacker and the go to the same icon number that you have got in Attachment.
    9. And now click on the Action and click on Replace Icon which will display the something like this.
    10. Click on the Open file with New icon which will display the dialog box and you have to enter the icon which you have extracted in the My Icon Folder of My Document and find the icon with which you wanted to replace with.
    11. Now Click on the Replace button in Resource Hacker which will replace the icon with the one which you have selected

    Finalizing Modification:

    • The last and important part is to Save file in the System32 folder. Just Click on the File in the Resource Hacker and then Click on SaveAs . Now save the file with the name of the Shell32_modified.dll in the C:\windows\system32\shell32 directory where your Windows XP is installed
    • Restart the Computer
    • Get into the Safe Mode by pressing the F8 while booting the Windows XP
    • Select the 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt'

    • Then as you have done with the above work loggin to your system and then type CD in command prompt. Give the following listed commands and then check back.
    • cd windows/system32
    • ren shell32.dll shell32_original.dll
    • ren shell32_modified.dl shell32.dll and reboot your system.
    • After when done login to Windows and done.

    This is really a nice way of replacing files like avi, bitmaps and even cursor files. These same solution can be implemented to modify other dll files also.

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