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Thread: BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

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    cool BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

    Back|Track is an operating system Linux user based security. It is composed of many software related to various fields such as Reversing (Disassembler, Hex Editor ...), the Hacking (Rootkits, Scanners faults, ...), network security (IDS. ..), and more . Clearly, this is the perfect friend to try to infiltrate a network or secure.

    By cons, its installation can cause problems on laptops. Indeed it is not easy for a novice or even an insider, do some manipulations, and that's what drives me today to write this tutorial, hoping to celebrate those who have been crossing the border the liveCD. It turns especially for those who do not want to delete their Windows partition, which at times can be useful.

    This tutorial is made especially for new comers to Linux and with the least possible command lines.

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    Re: BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

    Downloading Back | Track

    Visit his page for downloading: Once downloaded, burn it on. "iso", restart the computer, making sure you have configured the bios so it runs the first CD burned.

    Once at the "boot", just press ENTER, do not worry, no argument (like "nopcmcia, etc ...) is to return, version 2 automatically manages hardware configurations.

    Step 1: Partitioning disks

    • Initially we will observe the different partitions that make up your hard disk in order to install Backtrack on one of your partitions free.
    • hda1 partition Windows XP
    • Extended Partition hda2 (it is impossible to have more than 3 primary partitions)
    • hda5 partition to NTFS Data
    • hda6 FAT32 Partition exchange
    • hda7 Backtrack partition to EXT3

    • To backtrack a partition must be around 3.5 Giga
    • So you need to create a partition in EXT2 EXT3 or ReiserFS for BT3 3.5 Giga.

    qtparted partitioning with under Backtrack V2 and V3

    • Once the liveCD launched, a prompt asks for a login and password. As shown in the manual mode, the login is "root" and password is the reverse "toor".
    • Open a shell, list all mounted partitions by using the mount
    • Disassemble one by one: umount / dev / hda * or umount / dev / sda * If your disk is SATA
    • Replace the star by each of the figures for the partitions.
    • Run qtparted
    • Select the partition to end disc and create a new partition in reiserfs EXT or even 3.5 GB 4 GB
    • Apply the changes with File.
    • Your partition is now created, it must "mount" each partition with mount function.
    • mount / dev / hda * / mnt / hda *
    • Do not forget to add your newly created partition.

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    Re: BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

    Step 2: Start the installation

    • Go to System> Back | Track Install
    • The installation window opens to you.
    • In the panel that appears it will suffice to change a few settings.
    • Install BackTrack to: we must change the installation path, as in this example we say that we chose hda7 as partition for BT. So the installation path is / mnt/hda7.
    • Write MBR to: here too we must change the way like this, the partition having its WINXP hda MBR, you need to / dev / hda.
    • Finally in Installation method must be ticked Real, this corresponds to a real installation BT.
    • Then click install. Warning 80% of BT can install slow so take time do not worry.
    • Start again without the cd, and then backtrack should run by default.

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    Re: BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

    Step 3: various configurations (from lilo inittab)

    Lilo and multi-boot

    BackTrack is launched by default. To have a choice to start the PC, configure lilo:

    Open a shell: kwrite / etc / lilo.conf
    Add to end of file:

    other = / dev / votre_partition_windows
    label = Windows XP
    Save the file and exit
    Update this file by typing: lilo
    You get: Added Windows + Added Backtrack
    That you now have the choice!

    PS: Take a look at liloconf file, so you can eg change the background image (spash.bmp) Caution

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