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Thread: Exploiting the accessibility options

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    Exploiting the accessibility options

    If you have a visual impairment, hearing or motor, you may find it hard to use your computer. Windows offers accessibility options that can help you use your computer more comfortably.

    It is thus possible to increase the size of all items on the screen, use a combination of colors and fonts to enhance contrast, to have a lens to magnify a specific item to replace the alert sound by visual warnings, etc. ...

    In short, lots of tools to greatly improve life on your computer.

    Increase the windows size and character:

    • Click the right mouse button on a free space of desktop and choose the Properties command.

    • The dialog Display Properties window opens. Then open the Settings tab and then click the Advanced button.

    • In the Display section, then scroll down the list and select the DPI setting option Large size.

    • Click OK and then click the Apply button.

    • Ignore copying files to use the existing files by clicking the Yes button.

    • Then click the Close button and restart your computer when Windows asks you. The size of windows and characters then increased.

    Better identify the elements:

    To help you better identify the different elements on the screen, you can use combinations of colors and fonts that increase the contrast and thus allow easy reading.
    • Click the Start button and then click Control Panel.

    • Then double click on the Accessibility Options icon.

    • In the window that appears Accessibility Options, open the View tab.

    • In the category High Contrast, select the Use High Contrast.

    • Then click the Settings button, then select a pattern of high contrast in the appropriate list. Then click the OK button.

    • Then click the Apply button to use the new scheme of contrast.

    • If necessary, choose another plan by clicking again on the Settings button. Then press OK to.

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    Re: Exploiting the accessibility options

    A magnifying glass to enlarge all:

    • If your vision is reduced, the lens of Windows can help you see more clearly by magnifying the area around the pointer.

    • Click Start, Programs, Accessories, then Accessibility Magnifier.

    • The magnifying glass opens a separate window displays the expansion of what is around the mouse pointer.

    • Then slide the window of the magnifier to make it floating and then place it wherever you wish. You can also resize a normal window to suit your needs.

    • In the Settings dialog box is open the lens along the lens, you can change the magnification by choosing the new multiplier in the dropdown magnification ratio.

    • Then reduce the parameter window for effective use of the microscope.

    Point the mouse at keyboard:

    If you have problems to handle your mouse, you can move the cursor using the keyboard.

    • To activate this feature, go to the Control Panel by clicking Start, then Control Panel.

    • Double click on Accessibility Options icon.

    • Open the Mouse tab.

    • Then check the box Use the mouse.

    • The Settings button allows you to increase the speed.

    • You can then move the mouse using the numeric keypad. The + key emulates the left mouse button while the 5 key emulates a right click.

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    Re: Exploiting the accessibility options

    Using a Keyboard:

    If you can not correctly use your keyboard you can use the screen keyboard in Windows. You can then enter text with your mouse.
    • To display it on the screen, click Start, click Programs, Accessories, Accessibility then click Keyboard.

    • To use it, nothing more simple, make the active window in which you want to enter text, then click the keyboard on the screen. The text appears in the window.

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