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Old 30-04-2010
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How to Get Your Picture-in-Picture TV to Work

Many of today's television has the PIP technology, but it is not always easy to understand the work of the owners for getting it to work.

PIP works as a result of the two tuners. If you want that your PIP to work properly then you have to supply two cable signal to it. This is very simple to do and takes only five minutes to do. You just have to follow these simple step for it to work properly.

Step 1

Your first step is to find the source of cable material. You can start from the back of your cable box and search for the cable, that is connected to "in" terminal.

Just follow the line until you see where it is from. In some cases, there may be a splitter on the line.

Step 2

If no splitter is found, disconnect the cable supplying the feed to the cable box. Connect this cable to the "input" terminal on the splitter. It is usually the side of the splitter which has only one terminal.
If there is no splitter than disconnect the cable that is connected to the cable box which is giving supply. After that, connect that cable to the ?input? terminal on splitter that has only one terminal.

Step 3

After that take the length of the cable and connect one end to the output terminal on the splitter and the other end to input of the cable box

Step 4

Look on the backside of your television and check whether it has two coaxial cable inputs. If it only has one, then you have to connect your cable box to the TV with audio/video combined cables (the red, white and yellow cables).

But, if your TV have two coaxial cable inputs, then you have to simply take another length of cable from the second "output" terminal on the splitter to the second coaxial input on the television, that?s all.
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Old 30-04-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 395
Re: How to Get Your Picture-in-Picture TV to Work

Step 5

If you want to use the A/V cables then you do not have to worry for that, since it is simple to do that. You just have to remove the coaxial cable going from the cable box to the TV. After that connect the cable from the splitter output to the TV input.

Step 6

After taking a set of A / V cables and connect one end to the cable box. You will see that the ports on the back of the cable box are color coded and labeled. Be sure to connect the "exit fee".

Red on red, white and white to yellow to yellow. If you connect an HDTV, you'll need to use red, green and blue connections for video and red and white for audio.

Step 7

Take the other end of A / V cable and connect them to one of the TV inputs. Again, they are color coded and labeled.

Remember that you have connected to entry because you must set your TV to see the entry for the video. For example, if you have connected the cables to "Input 1", then you should set your TV to input 1 for the signal.

Step 8

Set your TV to the correct input and you should receive the stream cable box. If you press the PIP button on the remote, which appear on the screen showing the feed on the other hand, directly from the coaxial cable.
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