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Thread: G.Skill F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI/GA-EP45-UD3P BIOS Settings

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    G.Skill F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI/GA-EP45-UD3P BIOS Settings

    I just installed the combo memory indicated in the header and I am having some difficulties. To be able to get the job without having to restart the computer itself I put the sticks in DIMM slots 2 and 4. When I ran Windows 7 x 64, install with the BIOS settings to "Optimized" It crashed just after the loading screen with the Windows logo. "Fail-Safe" gives the same result. I checked each stick individually in the slot with two-memory test and spent two fines without error. There are too many errors to count when both sticks are independent of the BIOS settings. The following settings are BIOS, which allowed the installation to finish. Many of which are a compilation of parameters in the messages I found on this site for similar combinations of memory. I only had one stick of RAM installed in order to get there btw.

    I am now able to start Windows and have install the second stick. It seems to work slowly and gives the opportunity of a blue screen crash me or stops responding on the desktop. Any ideas on making this stable would be much appreciated. In addition, the stock clock speed of 333, the RAM is 1066 compared to 1100 and CPU-Z shows my ratio FSB / DRAM 5:8. I think this setting should be changed. I just want it to be stable at stock settings before you start overclocking.

    System specification are as follows:
    Motherboard: Model: GA-EP45-UD3P Rev#: 1.6 Bios Version: FE
    CPU is Q9400
    RAM is F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI
    Power Supply is Dell 750W Power Supply - DW002 / H750E-01

    BIOS specification and other settings are given in the attachment file.
    If you want to ask any further information you can I will be happy to provide it.

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    Re: G.Skill F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI/GA-EP45-UD3P BIOS Settings

    Enable Load line calibration.
    I usually run two sticks of RAM on a card 775 in slot 0 and 2.
    What is the vid for this processor? Your Vcore can be dropped because Cal load line is not activated, or vcore could be a bit low.

    If you continue to have problems after the addition of Vcore, multiplier set your system memory RAM so that you show a lower clock. I would also call for RAM volts to whatever the MFG recommends for the moment, at least until you can get the CPU stable.

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    Re: G.Skill F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI/GA-EP45-UD3P BIOS Settings

    Thanks for the reply,
    Last night, I ran a memory test on both sticks in each slot. Neither past stick regardless of what slot it was in any settings I wanted. Then I tried some older Samsung DDR2 800 4 x 1 GB I just load optimal settings and it went very well. Windows and games run great with it and I had no stability issues whatsoever.

    I will try the settings you suggested, when I get home tonight, but after reading what I wrote, I think you were my bad RAM or parameters of the question? Should I try a stick at a first time or the idea that if the settings do not work on both, it will not matter anyway?

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    Re: G.Skill F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI/GA-EP45-UD3P BIOS Settings

    Well, it could be unsuited memory is yes or you are using possibly incorrect settings. Even if you load optimized for a test as if you did with the Samsung, with the ability G. You should always have your own set voltage. Have you done this?
    Well some settings are given in attachment file and they can be used for both the stick at once.

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