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Thread: Improve Your Windows clipboard

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    Improve Your Windows clipboard

    When you select text or an image and you copy them using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or via the Edit menu, Copy of the software you're using, the copied item is temporarily stored in the Windows clipboard. You can then retrieve it in another software pasting using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V or via the Edit menu, Paste.

    The problem of the Windows clipboard is that each item that you copy overwrites the previous item. It is therefore not possible to copy / paste multiple items at a time or to retrieve an old item copied. To have the ability to copy multiple images simultaneously and pieces of text into the clipboard, you can use the free PasteCopy.NET which will add many features to the Windows clipboard.

    PasteCopy.NET will also enable you to keep or delete the formatting of text copying, organized by category items copied and directly alter the copied text in the clipboard.

    Download and install PasteCopy.NET:

    PasteCopy.NET is a free program you can download from here.

    • Once the download is complete, click the Run button.
    • Click Run again.
    • Click the OK button.
    • Click I Agree.
    • Check the box to add a Desktop Shortcup PasteCopy.NET shortcut on your desktop and click Next.
    • Click the Install button.
    • Once the file copy is complete, click Finish.

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    Re: Improve Your Windows clipboard

    Launch PasteCopy.NET at Windows startup:

    By default, PasteCopy.NET is only run when you double-click the shortcut. To use it continuously, you can run automatically when Windows starts. Here is how to do that:

    • Double-click the shortcut on your desktop PasteCopy.NET.

    • In the window that opens, click the Options menu and then click Settings.

    • In the Options box, select Start with Windows boxes, Minimize to system tray and Close to System Tray.

    • Click OK.

    • Now PasteCopy.NET is automatically launched when Windows starts and minimizes to the notification area next to the clock.

    Do unlimited Copy / paste:

    Now that is launched with Windows PasteCopy.NET and loaded into memory, you will be able to take advantage of these features as copy / paste multiple.

    • In a document or on the Internet, copy as you normally do an item in the clipboard using the Ctrl + C.

    • The item is copied PasteCopy.NET. Move the mouse over its icon in the notification area next to the clock for preview.

    • Repeat with a second copy in the clipboard.

    • The element is well integrated PasteCopy.NET.

    • If you make a paste operation via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V, the last item copied is pasted. For now, it looks so classic operation clipboard.

    • To access the other items you copied, double click the icon PasteCopy.

    • The list of all the elements copied is displayed. Click an item to select it. A preview is displayed in the bottom frame of the window.

    • You can then paste it into your document using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V (or Edit menu, Paste).

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    Re: Improve Your Windows clipboard

    Manipulating copied elements:

    With PasteCopy.NET, you can sort the items copied to the clipboard, edit them directly before the paste or glue them in removing their formatting. To do so, follow these steps:-

    • Double-click the icon PasteCopy.NET to access the list of elements copied.

    • To edit a text element directly into the clipboard, double-click it.

    • In the window that opens, you can edit the text. In the case of an image, you can change its title. Click OK.

    • By default, the elements copied are listed in the category New Category.

    • To create a new category, press the Ins key on your keyboard or pull down the File menu, Add Category.

    • Enter a name for the category and click OK.

    • To store the items in this category, simply let them slip inside.

    • Note that if you select this category, the new elements will be copied automatically listed in it.

    • By default, the formatting elements that you copy is retained. You can choose to delete it to keep only the plain text. In each case, double click on an item from the clipboard.

    • Bottom left, double click on the icon format.

    • The content then passes UNI format. Click OK.

    • If you paste this element, the formatting will not be present.

    • With the formatting, it would have been like this:

    • To automatically convert all elements copied in TXT format and lose the formatting, click the Options button and then click Settings. Open the Preferences tab. Scroll Do not Convert Rtf and select Convert Rtf to Txt. Scroll Do not Convert Html and select Convert Html To Txt. The copied text, that it comes from a word processor or a Web page will lose its formatting. Only the text will be copied (and pasted later).

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