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Thread: HFS in windows

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    HFS in windows

    Hello sir,
    I am using windows vista and as well as mac OS and I am getting some problem regarding the retrieving the data of the other windows vista.When I was using Boot Camp in the mac OS,it restrict me to access the partition of vista.

    Why,its going happen and what is the related reason for this.please suggest me with proper solution for this.


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    HFS in windows

    There are so many queries which is same as and the solution is you need to understand the compatibility of partitions.The problem is that when you will use the Boot Camp tool and executed into the environment of OS X,you are not eligible to edit anything on the different partition because the other OS environment can be accessed but can't be writable(Vista partition)

    The vista partition changed into the read only mode and When you would boot in Vista environment, The HFS+ volume can't be accessed for read or write operation. It is annoying and whenever you would be ready to copy something from the server,the error would be generated due to partition access.

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    HFS+ in windows

    HFS+ is one of the file system created by Apple corp. to replace their Hierarchical File System (HFS) which is one of the primary file system used with Mac machines or other systems running with Mac OS.

    This particular file system is also used by the iPod digital music player and it uses the B-trees algorithm to save and collect most volume metadata.This is the enhanced version of the HFS file system.

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    HFS structure for mac OS

    The HFS file system is constructed by the following components of the system and used with the combination of different.

    The file system is constructed with the nine section of the file system which is described as follows -

    1- The Sectors number 0 and 1 are HFS boot blocks.
    2- Sector 2 includes the Volume Header which is similar to the Master Directory Block.
    3- The Allocation File to take care of the allocation file.
    4- Catalog File includes the file and directory associated with volume.
    5- Extents Overflow File to manage the extent of the volume.
    6- Attributes File used as a B-Tree.
    7- The Start-up File is used for those system which is not compatible with HFS file system.
    8- Alternate Volume Header
    9- The last sector in used as the reserved for Apple.

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    Compatiblity with other system

    The compatibility can be measured with different operating system.Some of them are supported with the driver and other have default configuration provided by file system.

    The proper compatibility can occur different type of error and if you are going to implement it then you need a proper management and guidelines of the file system.The file system can be implemented easily on the following operating environment -

    • Linux and associated series.
    • Windows XP and later versions.

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