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Thread: Safety tips for using Zune Social

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    Safety tips for using Zune Social

    Zune Social is an online community that is intended for use with Microsoft's digital music player, Zune. If you are more than the age of 13, you can use Zune Social. I will tell you some safety tips for that.

    # Don't place personally particular information on your Zune Card.
    # Bound your Zune Card to friends only.
    # Don't post personally certain information in the Zune Forums.
    # Not at all meet a person that you have meet on Zune Social alone in the real world.
    # If you are an adult and you feel that you must convene someone alone, meet in a public place.
    # Be careful about allocation your feelings on Zune Social.
    # Your Zune Card and the comments you post can say a set about you. A predator can make use of this information to make you experience important or special as a way of receiving your faith.

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    Re: Safety tips for using Zune Social

    Zone is available for users that age 13 years and above. So it is careful to use this. Follow the precaution:

    # Be elegant about your Zune Card background and picture. Photographs can disclose individual, identifiable information such as the name of your town or school on your outfits or the license plate number of your car.
    # If you feel in danger, report it directly. You can report violence of Zune Social by clicking the Report Abuse at the bottom of any page on
    # Use your actual age in your Zune profile.

    Take care . Best of luck.

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    Safety tips for using Zune Social

    You can also open code of conduct for Zune users that are available in official website.

    # Donít attempt to ask for, or gather personally identifiable information of any minor or anyone under 18 years old but not incomplete to: name, email address, home address, phone number, or the name of their school.
    # Don't connect in any non-Zune-related chat that takes up a considerable amount of the forum space and put off members from finding Zune-related information.
    # Don't use the forums for any profitable purpose without the utter permission of Zune. You may only make an account for yourself as an individual.
    # You may not create an account for your corporation or other business article.
    # Donít effort to get around any content clean techniques.

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