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Old 15-01-2010
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The correct way to format a pendrive

If you need to reformat your flash drive (USB) beware, not so simple. We show the best way to do it and a trick to prevent the virus to infect our PC when connected.

The pen drive storage media are in vogue. There are many advantages, the power to move our most important files and their speed and storage capacity are 3 of the best features of these devices.

For some reason it is inevitable to have to do a format of it, although it should be noted that this process is usually not ideal.
Before formatting your flash drive or USB stick, you should ask if it is really necessary, since the flash drive come standard with a special format, and where possible it is better not change it.

There are different ways to format a flash drive, we can do in the most simple and fast, but perhaps more risky, or we can take several minutes to do so as recommended, and therefore safer. If you want to reformat to erase all your information we recommend you spend a few more minutes and do a full erase data.

Before you format a pendrive please note the following:

1. These devices are very practical and versatile, mainly because it works on virtually any computer with USB port, this is in part because its format is compatible with multiple operating systems.

2. Some manufacturers provide on their website special programs to format their USB, if your memory is branded, we recommend you first check the manufacturer's website.

If the manufacturer of your flash drive is not a tool to format, you can do right from your operating system, on Windows you must perform the following steps.

1. Connect your flash drive into a USB port and wait to be detected by Windows.

2. Login to my PC and click the right mouse button on the unity of your flash drive and select the menu "Format"

3. Check that the unit is actually these to format your pendrive, since the beginning of the format process the information in this unit will be lost forever.

4. For "File System" select FAT

5. Check the box next to "Quick Format" is NOT checked

6. Begin to format your pendrive pressing on Start

Usually, your flash drive is formatted and ready to use again.
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Old 15-01-2010
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Re: The correct way to format a pendrive

If your Pendrive infected with virus?

If your storage device that is infected with a virus and not withdraw podemso with antivirus, there is no choice but to reformat. For this follow the steps described above.

To prevent a Pendrive can infect the PC on which we connect, we can protect ourselves by following these steps:

1. Click Start, Run
2. Within the window, enter the word REGEDIT
3. We will go to the following string: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Polices\Explorer
5. Locate the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value and select it with the left button of our mouse
6. Select the Modify option
7. Modify the value for this 0 ? 00000095

This change will prevent viruses from running automatically when you connect a USB device into our PC. This way we keep the infection.
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