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Thread: How to set number of Jump List entries in Windows 7

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    How to set number of Jump List entries in Windows 7

    Windows 7 introduces a new concept with the Jump Lists, new menus attached to applications that simplify access to key functions of software and memorize your favorite files and handled them recently. The number of items displayed in the Jump Lists are customizable by the user. Here's how to do it:

    The Jump Lists are displayed by clicking the button on the icon of this software in the taskbar. They are also displayed by deploying the action pane attached to certain software in the Start menu.

    To set the number of elements in the Jump Lists, do the following discussed below:

    - Right-click on the Start menu (Windows Orb)

    - Make sure the tab - Start Menu is selected

    - Click Customize

    - At the bottom of the dialog box, locate the option Number of recent items to display in List

    - Change the value according to your preferences (default is 10)

    - Confirm by OK

    Thats it, you are done, now set the number of entries according to your need.

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    Re: How to set number of Jump List entries in Windows 7

    Also, right clicking on an icon of super taskbar provides access to a menu of quick actions and a list of features when it is justified.

    Right-clicking the Internet Explorer icon gives you access to its "Jump List". The "Jump List" of Internet Explorer allows quick access to frequently viewed sites. You can add favorites in the "Jump Lists," then they will be displayed all the time.

    Some additional options are possible with the "Jump Lists" such as adding or deleting the application in the taskbar, the closure of any or all windows application and then of course a link to launch the application directly.

    One can therefore imagine "Jump Lists" differs depending on different application.

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