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Old 30-11-2009
Join Date: Nov 2009
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Opera Voice commands

Opera with Voice also enables you to communicate with voice-enabled Web services and pages using your voice and hearing. Opera with Voice lets you control the browser by talking to it, and generates speech from text in Web pages. The Voice feature is only available for the English language and the Windows platform at this point.Remember to start all commands with "Opera". The main voice commands are:

[TABLE="Opera Voice Commands"]Command Opera action
Speak Read selected text
Read Select first/next block of text in page and read it
Page address Read address (URL) of current page
Link address Read address (URL) of focused link
Clipboard content Read clipboard content[/TABLE]
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Old 30-11-2009
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 156
Re: Opera Voice commands

General Voice commands for Opera Browser:

[TABLE="Opera Voice Comands"]Command Opera action
Voice commands Display list of default voice commands (this list)
Voice help Go to the voice help page (this document)
Help Go to the index page of Opera's built-in help files
Back/Forward Go back to the previous page or forward to the next page
Fast forward Analyze page and go to presumed next
Rewind Return to previous site or first page of current site
Home Go to your preset home page
Reload page Reload the current page
Reload all Reload all open pages
Stop loading Interrupt loading of current document
Log in Use Password Manager for login
Full screen Enter/leave full-screen mode
Small screen Emulate handheld device/return to normal display mode
Next/previous page Switch to next or previous open tab in workspace
Paste and go Go directly to Web address (URL) on clipboard
Duplicate page Duplicate the active tab
New page Open a new, blank tab
Close page/all Close the active page or all open tabs
Close other Close all open tabs except the active tab
Reopen page Reopen the last closed tab
Quit application Close Opera
Zoom in/out Increase or decrease zoom % by steps of 10
Zoom normal Reset to 100%[/TABLE]
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Old 30-11-2009
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 156
Re: Opera Voice commands

Voice commands for Navigating a page in Opera Browser:

[TABLE="Opera Voice Commands"]Command Opera action
Page start/end Go to start or end of page
Page up/down/left/right Scroll current page one screen up, down, left, or right
Scroll up/down/left/right Scroll up, down, left, or right on current page
Move up/down/left/right Navigate upwards, downwards, left, or right to next page element
Next/previous link Highlight next or previous link in page
Open link Follow highlighted link
Next/previous heading Highlight next or previous heading
Next/previous element Highlight next or previous element
Toggle images Toggle between display of all/none/cached images
Toggle mode Toggle between author mode and user mode
Next/previous widget Go to next or previous form input element
Next/previous radio Go to next or previous radio button
Click Click selected button
Check Check/uncheck item (such as checkbox or radio button)[/TABLE]

[TABLE="Opera Voice Commands"]Panels:
Command Opera action
Compose Compose new message
Check mail Check for new messages
Show bookmarks/mail/links Display bookmarks panel, mail panel, or links panel
Show messages Display messages in selected view
Next/previous Move to next or previous item in panel
Open link Open selected link
Open link in new Open selected link in new tab[/TABLE]

Message view:
[TABLE="Opera Voice Commands"]Command Opera action
Next/previous message Move to next or previous message in list
Reply to message/all Reply to message sender or to all recipients of original message
Mark as read/unread Mark current message as read or unread
Open message Edit draft or open message for reading (depends on view)
Forward message Forward current message[/TABLE]
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