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Thread: Install Vuze in ubuntu

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    Install Vuze in ubuntu

    Vuze is a popular BitTorrent manager. Vuze have many features some of them are HD content and videos, music and games search. Vuze new version adds new features like format converter for playing you HD content, which includes PC, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Mac. If you want to play an a video, just drag and drop and it will automatically detect your video. Vuze is cross-platform because it is written in java. Following are the steps to download vuze in ubuntu.
    1) Create a dedicated user account for Vuze. The reason is that Vuze is for all intents and purposes a server. This is even more true in the case of users who activate the built in tracker and web server.
    2) Download Vuze from their official site. You can find it easily. You can select 32bit or 64bit. The documentation is the same for both.
    3) Run the terminal and goto the location where you downloaded vuze. It will be a tar file, unzip it using the appropriate command.
    4) Change the permission of the file for temporary bases. Changing the permission will allow you to install vuze.
    5) If you want vuze in your application menu, just issue these commands
    sudo nano /usr/share/applications/Vuze.desktop
    add or copy and paste this into the nano text editor.[Desktop Entry]
    Comment=P2P Client
    Categories=Application;Network;To exit press Ctrl x and hit y for yes.
    6) If you want vuze to launch from the terminal windows, issue these commands
    sudo nano /usr/bin/vuze
    add or copy and paste this into the nano text editor. #!/bin/sh
    /opt/vuze/vuze "$*"To exit press Ctrl x and hit y for yes.
    7) Make the /usr/bin/vuze executable by changing the file permission
    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/vuze
    8) Open vuze and update it, do not install the plugin at this time. After updating restart vuze.
    9) If you want to change permissions to the user and group.
    sudo chown -R vuze:vuze /opt/vuze This takes care of the directory where we installed Vuze. It also secures all files and sub directories contained within "/opt/vuze"
    10) Change the permissions on the "/usr/bin/vuze" file we created earlier.
    sudo chown vuze:vuze /usr/bin/vuze
    11) Now is the time to download plugin's. Install plugin's of your wish and use. This way you can install and remove and update without having to change permissions
    12) To update Vuze, we need to change permissions.
    sudo chown -R
    13) When there are no more updates you need to change the permissions back to a secure setting.
    sudo chown -R vuze:vuze /opt/vuze
    This article is dedicated to Vuze fans. Install and have fun.

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    Re: Install Vuze in ubuntu

    Thank you.
    Excellent howto, it works like a charm here. This tutorial is less messy and worked perfectly for me.

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