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Thread: How to Improve Ping / Fps in Counter Strike

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    How to Improve Ping / Fps in Counter Strike

    Ping / Fps
    Here are two very coveted word by gamers! Ping and fps are one common word, since the game network, debate, discussion made, there are a few sites dedicated to these two concepts! But why we talk so much? What do these terms mean?

    Definition of Terms:

    Ping: The ping is the latency; ie; the time it takes for data to be exchanged between you and the game server! Obviously you will understand, the greater the ping is low, the game is more fluid, fast (depending on connection type)!

    FPS: The FPS or frames per second "match the refresh rate of the screen, it is more or less the number of frames per second! Unlike ping, the more the higher fps the game will be smooth!

    To summarize, the more you have a low ping and a large number of fps, you will be more effective for a part for gaming because you can react quickly and the game will be smooth!

    There are a few tips to resolve, follow the tips below:

    The Ping:
    To ping all ,say now, there is no miracle! There are a few programs that "so-called" slightly improve response time but they are of questionable effectiveness.

    Ping directly depends on your connection! Adsl connection with a classical (512/128) you have between 50 and 90 ping (as suppliers)! But for those who have the chance to benefit from different Telecom, offers the "Ping" that goes in your connection mode FastPath "which reduces your ping (ping between 10 and 30)!

    That said, there are still settings in your config.cfg possible because the default values are not always fair when it comes to ping!

    Open your config.cfg, we will work on 4 commands:

    -rate: Often this command is not in the file, therefore you must add it! Recommended values: 4000 for a 56k, 9000 for a 512/128 connection, 10,000 for the upper connections! (However it should be noted that this value is often blocked by the servers to 9999 or 9000 with the command sv_maxrate)

    -cl_rate: same value as the rate! Add the command in your config.cfg if it is not there!

    -cl_updaterate: 35 to 56k, 65 for a 512/128 connection and 100 for a superior connection!

    -cl_cmdrate: same value as the cl_updaterate.

    This is your config.cfg which is now set! There's nothing to hit to improve your ping! The only advice I can give you is to cut anything that requires resources (firewall, software, chat im's, ...) while you play!

    After you see the ping varies depending on the server where you play some servers are abroad and therefore have higher pings, like good US servers where your ping will be correct.

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    Re: How to Improve Ping / Fps in Counter Strike

    FPS depends on many things! First of all your hardware, if your computer and your graphics card is a bit old do not reach 100 fps (maximum value)! This also depends on the settings of your graphics card and finally setting up your config.cfg!

    To see your refresh rate and thus your fps, type net_graph 3 console in Counter-Strike! They appear in the top left of the graphic!

    You should know that less than 25-30 fps will cause a feeling of "lag" that is to say that your game will be jerky! And you must also know that from 60 frames per second, the human eye can not distinguish the difference there could be between 60 and 100 fps! That said if you can have 100 fps all will do.

    The default settings are 70 fps! Open your config.cfg and look for the line:

    fps_max 70: Replace 70 by 100!

    Just below you'll see a line:

    fps_modem 100: Replace 100 with 0!

    Check your game with your number of fps! If it is between 90 and 100 you can stop reading this tips you no longer need it but if you have not got the 100 fps then continue reading.

    Now we will look at the graphics card! Go into the advanced options of your card and click "OpenGL" (if you play in open gl, of course)! We should never disable the vertical sync!

    This graphics card is now set and you should have a correct refresh rate!

    A very important thing too, do not forget to check your drivers, they need to be updated as often as possible, they will make your graphics card more powerful and your fps will be higher!

    Note also that, you should not let a video or a flash animation (even snowflakes that is sometimes seen at the sites during the holidays) running at the background because your fps would be in free fall!

    If you have a low setting, you can increase your fps slightly by changing the details of the game by the config.cfg! Enjoy

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