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Old 16-07-2009
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Set your privacy settings in Facebook

Facebook is a social network very convenient and pleasant to use, but can share a lot of personal information if you do not pay attention to what we publish. Fortunately, the service provides privacy settings fairly complete, we invite you to discover it here.

Step 1: Check your personal information
Access to the privacy settings of Facebook is the most logical, since they are located under Privacy settings menu! From there, you have several options. We are interested first in the profile line that defines who has access to some of your information, profile your general personal information (points of interest, profession ...) or your address.

The privacy settings of Facebook generally subject to same rules and can be controlled via the same interface, namely a drop-down menu to select, for each type of information among different levels of access:
  1. All users of Facebook
  2. All users of the network to which you belong (eg India, your company, your school etc ...)
  3. Your friends and friends of friends
  4. Friends only

There is also a setting "Custom". This one opens a window where you can define more precisely who has access to a type of information given. If you want to limit access to information to some of your friends or your network, follow these steps:

1. To limit access to friends in particular, check "Some friends" and enter the first letters of their name. Click on any of the results adds the friend in question. You can remove it from the list by clicking on the cross next to his name.
2. To limit access to networks in particular, pull down the Network menu of the window, and select "Some networks". Then check or uncheck the network or networks that you want to include or exclude.
3. To block access to certain users, the customization window provides a setting specific, clearly identified "Except the following. Do the same way as to make some friends, by typing the first letters of their name.

Step 2: Check your publications
The purpose of a social network like Facebook is to keep your family informed of your news through updates to your status, publications, links or videos you make on your wall or comments that you post on the pages of your friends.

To control the display of this information, select the "News & wall" of privacy settings. Some information is published automatically and can not be controlled, including a change of status or publication of a new photo. You can still control the following parameters:

1. To prevent your publications on the wall of a friend to be visible to your friends, uncheck the "Show publications from the wall." The latter is checked by default.
2. You can also check some information in the column "Selected" to the top of your friends, including the change of situation in love, any information you may wish to keep for yourself.
3. In the recent past, which appears in the main flow of the page to your friends, you may wish to hide the addition of new friends.
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Old 16-07-2009
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,323
Re: Set your privacy settings in Facebook

Step 3: Check the search options
The ability to search a person by name and surname played a lot in the popularity of Facebook. However, if you do not want anyone to find you on the network and is found again on the settings in the Research section of privacy preferences.

The parameters in the research are people who can find your profile, and the information visible to these people. In addition, you can expand the search to certain types of network. Explain the three points.

1. To select which can search your profile, there is a system similar to Step 1: You can restrict the search to your networks, friends and / or friends of friends in the folder menu "Visibility through research. It is again customization options, which do not work here and in the choice of networks.
2. You can then check or uncheck the information which will be visible to people who seek your profile, including a list of your friends, your photo, a link to add you as a friend, or a link to write a message.
3. Finally, you can extend the search to certain types of networks that may be of interest to activate if you want to link with businesses and schools: networks of universities, secondary schools networks or corporate networks.

Public profile: make your Facebook account to be found on Google

We have seen how to narrow the circle of Facebook users who may find your account. But if you want to be exposed to the contrary on the web, you can create a public profile that will be indexed on Google. To create a public profile, you must select "Everyone" in the "Visibility through research." An option box appears, allowing you to create a public profile and to see a preview.
Step 4: Check the data you provide in applications
The last important point in terms of confidentiality lies in applications. Facebook allows you to add number of applications, some more futile than others, which can access data from your account if you do not look there. The section "Applications" of settings allows you to check or uncheck the data, quite a few as you'll see. Some titles are fortunately unchecked by default (sexual orientation, religion ...) but you can check or uncheck a host of other data.
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