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Old 09-07-2009
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WLAN security checklist

WLAN security checklist

Disable 802.1x function

This function, often called automatic key distribution, supplies the computers of a network with a WEP key. This function presents a potential opportunity to attack and is designed for small and home networks expendable.

Change SSID and SSID broadcast off

Change the default SSID. The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the name of a radio network, which is based on IEEE 802.11 and can take up to 32 characters long. The SSID is all unencrypted packets in question. The name of the wireless network should be no evidence of location or operator of the devices still contain conclusions on the device of the access points allow.

By activating the Hide SSID is the name of the transmitter (access point) is no longer active broadcast. If you disable this setting, then you must be in the Wi-Fi clients, dealing with the access point to connect the name of the network manually. When you enter manually on the exact spelling of the name (uppercase and lowercase letters is relevant).

MAC filtering on

The MAC address (Media Access Control) are provided by the manufacturer, usually unchangeable identification number of network cards. By entering the MAC addresses of your network cards and WLAN cards restrict access to the AP on this circle. The MACs are, however, attackers from eavesdropping and data to filter out abuse for their own purposes (spoofing).

Prevent Remote Access

Many APs are factory for remote access released. Together with a default password, this is almost an invitation to all hackers. Uncheck if you do not qualify for special care of your APs via the Internet require remote access (remote mangagement "or" management from internet ") and the Remote Update feature.

Backup your settings

Make a backup of your changes. Save this file on your hard drive, but on an external disk. This makes them by spying trojan programs. Write down the changes and access to, or print it out, they are used to configure the clients need.

important protective measures
  • Go regularly to the encryption keys used.
  • Optimize installation, antenna orientation and, where appropriate, the transmission power of access points to radiation in unwanted directions to prevent.
  • Disable the access point when not in use.
  • Use additional protection of the APs and set it as a firewall.
  • Check the log files regularly to unknown MAC addresses, in order to detect possible intrusions.
  • Replace your Access Point against a newer model, with encryption for the WPA or IEEE 802.11i standard (WPA2) from.
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Old 09-07-2009
kex kex is offline
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Re: WLAN security checklist

The big advantage of a WLAN is that you from anywhere in or around your company and you can reach the Internet.
This advantage also has a dark side because it is possible that others, without you know it yourself, free your Internet use, or worse yet, unnoticed consult documents on your network. This article therefore also focus on how you can prevent unwanted third party abuse of your wireless router.
Upside is that wireless equipment is standard. The interoperability of these devices, so the compatibility of WLAN equipment from different manufacturers, is well regulated. For all WLAN devices and cards speak the same language. You do not have to worry whether the WLAN network card in your laptop from brand A can communicate with a WLAN router B in your company, or at the airport. This is possible because all manufacturers use the same standard, namely IEEE802.11b. A compatible version is faster IEEE802.11g.
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Old 09-07-2009
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Re: WLAN security checklist

The settings of an Access Point via the wireless network. For you as a manager is ideal, but theoretically, this means that the hacker could change the settings. Of course change the settings so that you do not have a grip on themselves and nothing more can change.
In the worst case, your network completely off without you something's can do. It is therefore better to configure a WLAN Access Point is not wireless, but always via a wired connection to configure. For example, through an ethernet cable, or even better via a USB port, if the Access Point on a port of course. Remember - if possible - to keep the default password of the Access Point to adapt.
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