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Thread: How to play mp3 on PlayStation 2

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    How to play mp3 on PlayStation 2

    hello friends,

    I have number of mp3 CDs which I would like to listen. But the problem is I don't have any cd or dvd player to play them. However I have PlayStation 2. Is it possible to play mp3 on PS 2 ? I don't want to buy cd/dvd player. Please suggest some useful tips to play mp3 on PlayStation 2...!!!


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    Re: How to play mp3 on PlayStation 2

    Yeah !! you can play mp3 on your PlayStation 2. For this : (i) You just need to burn your mp3 songs into a cd-rom and (ii) save them under .mp3 format.

    That's it you can then play your music using your PS2.

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    Re: How to play mp3 on PlayStation 2

    Download a program called Abyss Web Server. It's a freeware and is available on With the help of this application, you can make your home PC act just like a server. However, you'll also need to download yourself a script called ls2html.

    Install the server > locate the Abyss program group > open the folder called htdocs > delete the main.html file > copy the ls2html script.
    Now, for all the mp3's you want to stream into the ps2 in that folder, run the script and that should create a webpage containing all your mp3's nicely categorized in a table.

    Then just load the PS 2 network disc > put ip address of the computer with Abyss server on. This pop-ups all your favorite mp3's ready for playing.

    All d Best !

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    Re: How to play mp3 on PlayStation 2

    I had never tried playing MP3s' on the PlayStation. But I think you may put AudioCDs onto the XBOX hard-disk and play them back without having the CD in the drive. This seems to be a really great and simple feature.

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