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Old 03-07-2009
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Synchronize your documents between multiple computers

Simply how to share documents with friends or synchronize a set of files between multiple PCs, and especially how to safely and completely automate them? One of the simplest and most elegant hides in the galaxy of Windows Live services: WINDOWS LIVE SYNC learn!

Formerly known as "FolderShare", Windows Live Sync is one of the most unfairly ignored of the galaxy Windows Live (which includes, remember, Messenger, Mail, Calendar and many more) .

Windows Live Sync allows for all sorts of scenarios based on a transfer and synchronize files and folders between several computers or several people.

We will see how to use Windows Live Sync to automatically synchronize one or more files between different PCs. In doing so, you are sure to always find your important files, bookmark your favorite photos on any PC you use (home, office, on the laptop or the NETBOOK).
  • Download and install the software (see the attachment).
  • Once installed, run it from the Windows Live section of the Start menu / All Programs.
  • Enter your login Live ID (username + password)
  • Check the box "Remember my password" and click Next
  • After a few seconds, the window closes.
  • Note the presence of the Live Sync icon on your taskbar.

Taking ownership of the service.
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Old 03-07-2009
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 162
Re: Synchronize your documents between multiple computers

Discovery the Service

We will now see the actual settings to synchronize files between your PC. Most of the operations is carried out online, on the Windows Live Sync
  • Click on the icon Live Sync tray of your PC
  • Select Website Sync in the menu
  • The website appears and presents its 3 sections:
    • Folders: Folders list (which only you have access) you want to synchronize between your PC
    • Shared Folders: list the files you want to share with friends. Each friend receives the contents of your file automatically, and you will automatically be added to each file folder with your friends, just like each of your friends.
    • Equipment: list computers that are recognized by Live Sync as associated with your profile. By clicking above, you are viewing remotely sync folders in it (which have been declared).

Prepare a machine

See now how to implement the principles of synchronization between multiple machines. Starting with a first PC contains the important elements to be synchronized.

The easiest way is to create on your PC a file containing the content synced. In fact, you can use existing files such as your "My Documents" folder or the folder "Favorites" in Internet Explorer. But it is sometimes better to dedicate one or more files that you wish to synchronize and dedicated specifically to documents really important to keep up to date.

Then return to the home page Live Sync and click Create a personal folder. The software asks you to select the computer that contains the file (you can control a shared remote).

Select the folder, then click "Folder synchronization here."

The online service offers immediately to select the PC with which this issue must be synchronized.

Only machines currently online can be selected:
  • If you select the machine, the site asks you to specify location on disk of this machine will allow the contents of the folder synchronized. You can then decide if you want to synchronize this file on demand or automatically.
  • However, you can choose not to select the time machine to be synchronized (either because it is not the time, either because the machine is not online). Then click on Skip this step and finish the session.
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Old 03-07-2009
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 162
Re: Synchronize your documents between multiple computers

Other PC to synchronize

See now how to add synchronization to a second machine.

If you choose not to choose other machines in the previous step, you must add the PC to sync manually. The PC or actually, since this operation must be repeated for each machine that will receive the same content synchronized as the first PC.
  • On this new PC, start by installing Live Sync if it is not done.
  • If Live Sync is installed, the menu displays the list of available folders in sync with your Live ID account
  • Click on the folder to be synchronized
  • The website opens with Live Sync with your local disks. Select the folder that hosts the files synchronized (this may be an existing folder or a folder that you create specifically for this purpose).
  • Check the appropriate box then, depending on whether you prefer that this synchronization is automatic (as soon as PCs are, they synchronize their contents) or the application (you decide when to synchronize or not).
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Old 06-08-2014
Join Date: Dec 2013
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Re: Synchronize your documents between multiple computers

I think it is good and effective to sync documents between multiple computers with Backup Cow. It really helps me a lot to sync, back up, access, and share files anywhere.
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