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Thread: How to solve CPU temperature problem

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    How to solve CPU temperature problem

    If your CPU too hot, it can cause reboots intempestifs of the computer, instability, or even destroy the processor itself.

    To cool the processor there are several solutions:
    • Improve air exchange in the box by reorganizing the ground to maximize air circulation:
    • Ensure that fresh air from outside is oriented components with high temperatures (CPU, graphics card, etc.).
      • Ensure that the air from the hot components is vented outside the case.
    • Remove the dust accumulated in the box with a bomb in compressed air. This type of aerosol provided specifically for this type of use is generally less than 10 euros in trade.
    • Choices for a ventirad (Heater + Fan) more efficient (attention to noise).
    • Use a software tool such as cooling CPU Idle.

    How to find temperature of my processor

    There are several ways to know the temperature of the CPU:
    • By accessing the BIOS setup
    • Using software such as SpeedFan or HWmonitor
    • By installing a probe on the CPU hardware

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    Re: How to solve CPU temperature problem

    Intel temperatures

    The maximum temperature of an Intel processor depends on the model but is generally around 60-65 ° C for the Pentium 4, 50-65 ° for the generation Core. The higher the CPU temperature is low, there will be less risk to the processor. Moreover its lifetime will obviously be even longer.

    AMD processor temperatures

    The temperature of my AMD Athlon processor is it normal?

    The maximum operating temperature of an AMD processor is determined by the trade reference (OPN) of this processor. The OPN is on top of the processor. Example:

    A X1800 DMS 3 C

    This temperature is indicated by the third character from the right of the OPN. This character can take the values S, T or V.

    These characters identify the maximum temperature of use of the AMD Athlon ™ XP: V = 85 º C, T = 90 º C, S = 95 º C.

    For the generation of AMD Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2 (all sockets and all frequencies) and Phenom, it is generally accepted that 60 ° represents the upper limit.

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    Re: How to solve CPU temperature problem

    The use temperature of a system or a processor depends heavily on the characteristics of the system as a whole and its constituent components. Accordingly, the temperature of use "normal" varies from one system to another, depending on its components.

    Among the variables affecting the use temperature of the system are: the size of the housing, its ventilation, installed components, processor speed, the solution radiator / fan used, the thermal interface material, the food, supply voltage, workload and ambient temperature.

    The typical value returned by the BIOS or software from third analysis should therefore be a maximum between 60 and 65 º C.

    Although no use temperature "normal" is specified for AMD, there is a maximum temperature which should not be exceeded.
    The maximum use temperature of a processor can be determined by reference to the commercial processor (OPN).

    Warning: The value of the maximum temperature of use is directly measured at the center of the chip on top.
    The temperature reported by the BIOS of a system may be different from the actual temperature of the processor if the measure is taken to another place.
    Moreover, the reported temperature is affected by the accuracy of the sensor, the tool used and the analog / digital signal processing.
    It is therefore recommended to accept a certain degree in the comparison of the operating temperature and maximum temperature reported by the BIOS.

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