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Thread: CD laser lens cleaner

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    CD laser lens cleaner

    Everyone needs a little maintenance. CD players face all kinds of dirt, hair,
    from dust and other contaminants from the air moving on the laser lens
    and interfere with the laser transfer process.

    A disk drive (its interior) is not airtight.

    Each time you open the drawer to insert a disc, the laser lens is exposed to atmospheric contaminants:and the static attracts dirt in the drive and the laser lens, as with any screen, like a magnet.

    There are commercial CD cleaners,

    with small brushes to clean the surface of laser lens, and this process takes only a short time. It prolongs the life of your drive, as many believe their player is out of service, when it is not! except that the lenses are dirty.

    CD laser lens cleaner is available in Supermarkets and computer stores.

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    Re: CD laser lens cleaner

    Well that is really meant for Cd reader devices. But sill I think that will only make worst the problem of the CD rom.

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