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Thread: Suppress Office 2007 activation

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    Suppress Office 2007 activation

    I got a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 but it is giving prompts again and again about its expiry. I did not get the activation keys along with the set up. Where can I get the activation keys? If the keys are not there, atleast how can I suppress this activation message that appears there? There must be some trick.

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    Re: Suppress Office 2007 activation

    Search for serial keys on google and you will get some sites from where you can get the serial key of your need. There are also torrent files that contain various activation codes that you can download through the client. Also, there are registry hacks that can prevent MS Office 2007 from notifying activation messages but I dont know this.

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    Re: Suppress Office 2007 activation

    There are activation codes for the trial version of MS office 2007 but asking for activation codes for complete version of any software is illegal. For trial version, see this thread,
    Looking for Office 2007 trial activation key

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    Re: Suppress Office 2007 activation

    Talks on topics like hacks, registry hacks, illegal activation codes/serial keys for softwares, torrents, etc. are not entertained on TechArena forum. These topics are mostly unethical and therefore not allowed.

    Thread closed.

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