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Thread: How to locate corrupt files on computer

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    How to locate corrupt files on computer

    When I right click on one of drive and click on the Properties menu it takes me to the number of tabs in the very first General tab i sees the disk cleanup menu there I checked whether it shows for the corrupt files, does really it stores the corrupt file, am not sure but i think this would be option which will help me to find out corrupt file, if I am wrong,please let me know.

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    Re: How to locate corrupt files on computer

    Follow the steps below:

    Go to Start-> then Programs->select Accessories->find out System Tools->Go to System Information if sysinfo is there, go to the Tools option in the menu bar and run the System File Checker. This will be the option where you would find any corrupt system files.As for general non-system files, Maybe something like the programs mentioned above might help, or error messages during boot up or when accessing a certain program.scandisk might also locate corrupt files.

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    Re: How to locate corrupt files on computer

    You need to Open registry cleaner->click on registry tool->click on tools in the menu-> click on registry cleaner-> click on start and have it scan your computer.-> When finished, then remove all the green dots. They are no longer needed.-> To take effects you need to Restart your computer. See if it is still there. ->If so, run these programs in the safe mode.

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