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Thread: How to boost your WIFI with a WindSurfer

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    How to boost your WIFI with a WindSurfer

    Have you ever needed to boost your wireless signal, either because the range is limited or because there are a lot of walls in the way? Check out how you can boost your wireless signal with a WindSurfer.

    Windsurfing is well equipped, calculated with certain dimensions at all have the function of parabolic. [If] you already know how great a parabolic [else] I will not explain. But perhaps those who wish to make.

    The fact is I used the tools already available in my house to do an "antenna" homemade just for testing, something good for the DIY. "Fact: it increased the receipt of the signal by the AP from 18% to 43%, thus establish a connection to the remote point.

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    Re: Instructions for the antenna Windsurfing

    Instructions for the antenna Windsurfing:

    1.Download Template
    2. Open in MS Paint and resize the desired. Ensure that you keep the square on the diagram square.
    3. Print image on business card stock or acetate (document protector).
    4. Cut it out and open the six slots with sissors or an X-knife Act.
    5th Glue tin foil to the back side of the reflector surface (on the back of the collar antenna aluminum foil those of the kitchen food wrap)
    6. Assemble by placing the six tabs in the six slots.

    If printed at the download size you will see about 9 dBi of gain. If you double the size of the image before you print it you will see about 12 dBi of gain. If you place two Reflectors on an AP with two antennas you will see an additional increase in performance.

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