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Old 14-05-2009
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How to Resize Partition under Windows 7

Many people would be thinking that is it possible to have a resize partition in Windows 7 and would be thinking it might be difficult but friends it very easy if you follow few simple steps which are as follows:-
  1. First click on Start and goto Control panel and type partition or hard drive.
  2. Then a link would get open as Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions under administrative tools.Click on that link an disk management utility will get open for Windows 7.
  3. Now right click on the volume and select the Shrink Volume. Over here you need to specify the amount of space which you want to shrink.
  4. Now if you wan to extend any volume in Windows 7,then right click on the drive to be extended and select Extend Volume.
  5. Now enter how much space do you wan to extend it.
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Old 14-05-2009
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Re: How to Resize Partition under Windows 7

There is one more method of resize partition is by using software for that you first need to download the software and follow the below steps:-
  1. Now choose the partition you want to resize and right click on it.

  2. Over here it will tell you how much space you want after you are completing partition resize and click OK

  3. Now as you can see by the new notification in the lower left hand corner, it says there is one operation pending. Now you need to click ?apply? to start it off.

  4. After which you will receive a confirmation box , over here click on OK and reboot your PC.

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Old 12-12-2009
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Re: How to Resize Partition under Windows 7

Yes, Windows 7 disk management has the feature of shrink and expand a partition, improved the ability than the former Windows version, but there is still huge disadvantage that if there is no unallocated space behind a partition, you cannot expand it. For example, you cannot expand the os partition by shrinking the following partition, only choice is deleting the partiton below and then expand the OS. Some third party software can resize the partitions, but don't know whether they are secure enough.
I saw a article with detailed steps about how to resize by Windows 7 disk managment and another free partitioning software http://www.hdd-tool.com/partition-ma...on-manager.htm
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